No.98 gasoline is doing what?

No. 98 gasoline in the country is not currently fully supply, some say, No. 98 gasoline is only suitable for high-end cars, is it really? 98 petrol and 95 petrol, 92 petrol What difference does it make?

The difference between gasoline and gasoline 95 98

95 98 gasoline and gasoline are all high-grade gasoline. No. 98 and No. 95 gasoline compared to gasoline, its research octane than 95 octane gasoline high three units, the octane number of cars using unleaded petrol units need to improve the technical difficulty of a large, investment high processing costs. Therefore, the price of high-grade gasoline is higher than the number of regular gasoline.

The main feature of luxury cars is high power, high compression ratio, large displacement, the compression ratio of 9.5 to 10 or more 10 or more cars 92 must be high grade unleaded petrol vehicles, otherwise, ranging from automobiles knock , will lead to serious engine damage. 10 in the above high-end cars, use high-grade gasoline better than No. 98 to No. 95 gasoline the compression ratio.

Not label as high as possible, a reasonable choice according to the grade of gasoline engine compression ratio. The gasoline engine compression ratio selection. General principles for the use of gasoline is:

A compression ratio of 8.0 or more gasoline fuel 92 should be used;

Gasoline the compression ratio should be used at more than 9.0 95 petrol.

Gasoline the compression ratio should be used in the above 10.0 98

Dispersion of domestic gasoline octane number is relatively large, low fuel quality level. Thus, according to a predetermined reference gasoline, antiknock if the grade gasoline does not meet requirements for the vehicle, one should use a higher gasoline label.

No. 98 gasoline for luxury cars and high-powered sports car

Relative to the number 92 and number 95 gasoline, 98 gasoline production technology and equipment requirements are higher, our country is able to achieve the domestic grade gasoline in the last two years. No. 98 gasoline antiknock performance is undoubtedly the most outstanding of these three gasoline, but also the highest production standards.

No. 95 gasoline suitable for most cars

No. 95 gasoline turbo and generally suitable for high compression models use, it is compatible with the vast majority of current models available in the market, whether it is a few million car, or hundreds of thousands of high-end cars.

No. 92 gasoline for the ordinary high-tech car

Currently on the market for less than a hundred thousand cars, the No. 92 gasoline is their best partner, it is suitable for those engine technology is mature, the fuel requirements are not demanding vehicle use.

The difference between 92 and 95 gasoline gasoline, fuel consumption
98 gasoline suitable for any car