Does dog urine really affect car tires? What are the prevention tips!

In recent years, there are more and more dog owners. Dogs are good friends of human beings. Both the young people whose children are outside and the young people who are fighting outside like to keep dogs as warm companions. However, dogs bring joy to people and also make some car owners very distressed. Because they are often attacked by dog urine, not only are they surrounded by a smell of urine, but also Rumor has it that it will have an impact on the tire and eventually lead to a blowout.

Does dog urine really corrode tires? Rumor has it that dog urine has a strong impact on the tire and wheel hub. We all know that the side of the tire is the weakest. Dog urine is just here, which makes the inside of the tire very fragile and easy to burst after a long time.

If it's true, it's not just surrounded by urine, it's also dangerous.

Is it true? In fact, the tire is made of rubber and wheel. The corrosion of dog urine to the tire is very little. For rubber tyre, it is necessary to pass the cross-linking process in making, and to interlink the long chain molecules by chemical bonds, so that the chemical properties of the rubber tire become stable, and have high density, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and anti-aging property.

Some researchers have done similar corrosion experiments. When the sealed rubber was soaked in 23 C, 30% ammonia water and 3% sulfuric acid at 70 C for 28 days, it was found that the maximum elongation at break of the tire was only reduced by 18% and 17%, indicating that the rubber has strong corrosion resistance. In dog urine, more than 90% of the components are water, and a small amount of uric acid and urea are obtained. The pH value is between 5.4-8.4, while in the experiment, the The concentration of hydrogen ion in 3% sulfuric acid is at least 150000 times higher than that in dog urine, and the alkalinity of 30% ammonia is hundreds of times higher than that in dog urine. Compared with that, the corrosiveness of dog urine is very little.

For tires, the real killer is ultraviolet, which can destroy the molecular structure of rubber, and thus tire aging. In order to delay tire aging, additives such as carbon black will be added to the rubber to absorb ultraviolet, and carbon black can play a reinforcing role, so that the tire has enough hardness.

After talking about the tires, let's talk about the wheel hub. The aluminum alloy wheel rim is used in the wheel hub of the car. The surface is anti-corrosion treated and coated with an electroplated protective layer, which is resistant to strong acid and alkali, and even more so to the attack of dog urine. Experts also said that in the short term, dog urine and rain water on the hub corrosion is very small!

Although the damage is relatively small, but it is also very distressed to see all these after one attack. The owners and friends no longer need to worry about the corrosion problem, but after all, no one wants the car to be attacked like this, and such attacks are marked once, and they will often patronize later.

Dogs usually urinate in trees, electric poles and tires. This behavior is called marking, The purpose is to distinguish ourselves from other similar territories by smell. The reason why we choose the place where the tire is higher than the ground to mark is to make our smell closer to other dog noses and easier to be identified. If the owner often takes his dog to the car, the probability of the car being attacked by dog urine will be higher, because other dogs may urinate around the car after smelling the smell of the road One lap.

If the dog is in estrus, he will urinate in order to find a mate and attract the opposite sex to mate.

Stop the dog from peeing with a baffle? In fact, you can use these things! To prevent the dog from getting sick, the owners of the car are also doing all kinds of things. They also use the rubber on the tire cover and the spray boards.

What are some simple measures to prevent dog urine? You can wash the tires with rice washing water several times, so that you can remove the questions they left before, but it may lead to new dogs to make marks again. So you can also use camphor pills and oils on the tires to separate the dog from the car with the smell of irritation. In addition, you can also buy specialized equipment such as anti dog sprays.

Once again, I would like to remind you that when you walk your dog, you must take good care of your dog and don't allow them to pee at the wheel of other people's wheels. If you raise your dog, you have the obligation to teach it well. Being convenient to others is convenient to yourself. At the same time, please be kind to your partner.

If you have any better way to prevent dog urine, you can discuss it in the message area!

Farewell to summer, these positions on the car must be checked and maintained!