City driving rainstorm need to know things, or even the best cars have to be scrapped!

Recently, it seems the country have suffered serious water in rainfall, the northern part and the southern cities, and even become a "Mediterranean."

Flooded part of the car or turn off the paralysis in the street, 4S shop to wait for the annual maintenance of flooded cars is one group after another, once the car after the blisters no matter how good the car will be greatly increasing the rate of decline.

Today, I told you that how heavy rain days should be driving.

First, understand the performance of the car

Understand the parameters of the car, be aware of. Such as ground clearance of the car is how much? How tall is car exhaust height, engine air intake position, which must be mastered. It would also learned that the official guide wading depth, is generally 20CM car, MPV, SUV urban security wading progression, part of the professional off-road vehicles can exceed 60CM. After the encounter has an identity depth sections, to be aware of, or insist forcing down last paralysis too late to regret in it.

Second, pay attention to water depth identification

If you encounter there is water under the bridge, it is best to find identity in advance, named maximum wading depth. Usually urban low-lying sections of water will be easy to identify, if there is no identification is recommended that you do not insist forcing Lord, because you do not know if there are underwater obstructions, pit, whirlpool, if it really exists and that the consequences could be disastrous. There are bad sight, they also do not rush to insist forcing.

Third, wading skills

1, S file linked to the gear down to the low gear, to properly maintain stable oil pulled up speed, to prevent intrusion occurs due to insufficient exhaust gas pressure, small cars need attention.

2, try to keep a straight line, constant speed, do not stop half-way, half-way do not shift to maintain distance between vehicles.

3, a reference observation, such as trees, road signs, etc., to see if the water has not been prevented through more open deeper.

4, if there are special circumstances decisively reversing backtrack

5, before wading remember to close the automatic start and stop means for preventing water flameout

6, maintain a safe distance with the vehicle in front, the failure to prevent the vehicle in front of water blocking their path, make their own dilemma.

7. After the appropriate H-throttle wading, water is discharged on the exhaust gas pressure within the exhaust system

Fourth, focus on the latest traffic information, the traffic police to obey the command of the scene

Heavy rain weather, traffic radio broadcast where there is often congested, where would the water. This would prevent the planned route in advance, if encountered on the way the traffic police must obey the command.

Fifth, do not turn off the ignition water

Unfortunately, wading really stalled, remember! Do not attempt ignition, because then water has entered the cylinder, once the ignition, the basic engine will be scrapped, and then only obediently waiting for rescue in the sea! !

Sixth, traffic and precautions necessary

1, heavy rain day try to park in height, do not stop in the low-lying sections.

2, heavy rain days is best not parked in the underground garage.

3, try not to drive clogging storm days.

4, we can live more than a life-saving safety hammer broken window or an emergency.

Finally, I remind you, rain can not drive as much as possible do not drive, do not give the one hand, clogging traffic, on the other hand encounter deep water can detour or a detour to avoid serious consequences.

Do not say these four words Times danger, otherwise the insurance company exclusions!