Spare tire how to successfully host? I'll give you support recipe!

In fact, I want to tell you

The car is moving process will inevitably be a variety of problems, a car tire foot, if a flat tire on the way how to do it, very simple, every car will have more than a spare tire, just have to learn to change a spare tire, and then do not be afraid flat tire on the way.

Parked vehicle

Before replacing the spare tire First of all you want to park your car in a stable place, and tighten the handbrake, if necessary it can be fixed with a stone wheel, to ensure the stability of the vehicle. If you replace the spare tire on the roadside, then, but also laying a good Triangle and other warning signs.

Find and check the spare tire in good condition

Car spare tire generally concealed in the trunk, a portion at the bottom of the spare tire SUV, rear, door or fixed trunk. After removing the spare tire spare tire to check whether there is gas.

Find change tires Kit

The models will be equipped with a spare tire with a dedicated tire changing tool kit, usually placed under the trunk floor. Tire changing only need two tools: the jack and wrench, the former for fixing screws up the car, the latter for screwing the tire.

Tire screw loose

Before using the jack jacking up the vehicle, first, the tires want to change by one screw loosening it, without unscrewing the whole extent of the screw can be rotated by hand without any special effort wrenches prevail. Otherwise, after the forced removal from the top jack screw jack can cause drained and cause the vehicle to rollover.

Top up the vehicle

Get jack specification, some in the vehicle specification, some marked directly on the jack. In accordance with the specification requirements of the jack stress points found, and is the point of contact with the vehicle. In the end there will be a general car beams, two notches above the bit, jack placement in the gap between the two bits, that is to say somewhere on the car only to be inserted into the gap is the positive solution, or are It is not correct jacking position.

Replacement tires

Diagonal slipped by one screw, since the screw cap had loosen when tires touch the ground, so after the vehicle is raised, it is easy to remove all of the screws. Remove the tire to be replaced.

New tires

Replaced with a new tire, tighten the screw cap, placed in situ the new tire, and in the order of a diagonal slightly tightened screw cap, to ensure that the force per cap screws suffered more evenly. Finally, tightening down the screw cap body, remove the jack, and again in the order of the screw cap is further tightened diagonally. At this time, a large force will be tightened screw cap, to ensure that the tire will not fall off while driving.

Note: 1, before installing the spare tire, it is best to remove the tire placed under the vehicle causing the vehicle to avoid dislocation of the jack with three unexpected places. 2, be sure to tighten the handbrake. 3, to warning signs placed distant, a 50 km segment of 50 meters may be placed in position after the car, the speed limit of 100 km sections of 100 meters may be placed in position after the car, and so on.

City driving rainstorm need to know things, or even the best cars have to be scrapped!