ECU can not just brush, the consequences could be very serious!

Now more and more people buy a car, buy a car, most young people place great emphasis on power, but ultimately purse money get you back to reality, you want good performance, strong power price will certainly be higher, restrictions in this area a lot of people's purchasing power, and they can buy a acceptable range, but the configuration, performance, and power is not standard, so this time many young people will choose to brush ECU upgrade power performance, let the car's power has undergone a qualitative overflight.

What ECU that? ECU in the end is how is it? ECU is an automobile computer control unit, is a more intelligent computer program which controls the operation of the engine, the intake air amount control, fuel injection amount and the ignition timing, the three transmission power indicator value directly affects the engine torque, and operating efficiency. Therefore ECU brush by varying these parameters is such that the power qualitative improvement.

Car manufacturers generally sell cars sold mainly developed through regional, climate, temperature, oil and other factors, will not the same. In order to ensure that the factory is able to accept the harsh vehicle environment, so there will be 5?o 30?f power retention limits.

Good and bad are relative, car brush ECU is certain drawbacks, even with tips on motivation, especially turbine engine power upgrade more obvious, horsepower is also very obvious, but will increase the engine load, will all aspects of demand indicators rise. First, higher oil requirements for gasoline, inferior low-octane gasoline and gasoline are harmful to the engine, additional requirements will be more sensitive to temperature, the need for additional cooling to the engine cooling system.

Formal to brush ECU does give the car a better power increase, but domestic brush ECU technology still at an initial stage, there will be many side effects, such as engine prone to carbon deposition, pressing power, shortened life expectancy, and is likely 4S shop will refuse warranty.

ECO This function is only a small part of the owners will use!