The difference between 92 and 95 gasoline gasoline, fuel consumption

Fuel consumption is a problem many owners concerned about common is the 92 petrol and 95 petrol, 92 petrol and 95 petrol that what difference does it?

92 petrol and 95 petrol What is the difference

1, the number 92 knock resistance to gasoline of some difference, so that the ignition angle lags required, resulting in automotive fuel consumption compared faster. And because of strong anti-knock gasoline 95, also the fuel consumption of automobiles is relatively slow, the difference is nothing more than that.

No. 95 and 92 gasoline and gasoline are the most common grade fuel, of course, in terms of price, slightly lower than the 92 petrol 95 petrol few, but sometimes, petrol stations for promotional number 95, more than 92 the price of petrol is also not much expensive, so many people are thinking of their own car also eat a return to "refined grains" it.

3, compression choose what grade of gasoline and automobile engines than directly related to, but not blind to see analysis posted online that the high compression ratio of the engine must be used with high-grade gasoline. So No. 92 and No. 95 oil oil for the average family car, it can be used. But suggest that you, the general description or the fuel filler cap marked plus 95, it is best to use No. 95, of course, the occasional use of a nothing much impact, do not care. Both models indicate the use of the number 92 can be used, but is generally recommended to 92.

4, No. 95 gasoline a year to spend $ 300, for example, plus 95 gasoline gasoline and more than 92 travel about 1 km, fuel costs by about 2.85 yuan. When two vehicles after the addition of different grades of oil, the price of one kilometer takes a difference of 0.03 yuan. So, according to the average family cars a year traveling 10,000 kilometers, using 95 gasoline than 92 petrol spend 300 yuan! The more mileage, naturally spend more, of course, but also the specific reference to oil prices after all, the price can be adjusted several times a year.

5, "high-grade gasoline fuel economy" is a pseudo-proposition, using the same value of 92 petrol run farther than No. 95 gasoline! Of course, under certain conditions, the use of gasoline 95 is certainly more fuel efficient than the No. 92 gasoline, but fuel-efficient the effect is very limited. In fact unrelated purity grade of gasoline and gasoline, and fuel-efficient cars are not the province of the compression ratio is related to the use of oil in order to have better protection for the vehicle.

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