Why so many people buy car after regret?

Leo Tolstoy said that happy people are the same, unfortunately, there are people who own misfortune. Buying a car is the same, a wide variety of reasons for regret, the situation is different to different people.

Why do people regret

There are modern management science papers, the above stresses "Consumer Research Review regret it."

consumers have a psychological explanation of regret, regret that a person made a decision under risk conditions, this decision seemed right at the time, but after that it was a mistake.

to buy a car before and after the car fall leads to regret

To put it plainly, regret buying a car, buying a car is around the psychological gap.

like two people in love, had a long talk, I felt the boys before girls does not seem so gentle, and the girls also feel like the boy patience you have not before.

Why so many people buy car after regret?1

Car Configurator gap

caused by a car there is a gap before and after the psychological first reason is: configuration gap.

When buying a car test drive, test drive cars are generally the top with high with, the others have, should not have too.

When buying a car of our own, certainly to choose according to their needs.

car buy back a look, "alas," this is not, "Oh" that did not. There may be no practical optional configuration.

seat ventilation, a good summer; heating, good winter. Cool more comfortable, right?

keyless entry is also very comfortable, the car, the door handle pull on the line, very convenient and practical.

and electronic locks on the same, "bite" what is it? Directly open, do not worry about the key can not find something, do not bring it.

In addition to the configuration options are not enough, too much sometimes tasteless configuration will regret.

There thesis "On the car's optional configuration": consumers can easily be confused by automobile manufacturers to advertise with models, buy some configuration is not practical.

For example, the auto-parking configuration, with generally will have high, right.

This configuration utility is very low, it must go in manually stop line, you can not get it to stop is not acceptable.

sentence summary is this: no way to buy the perfect car.

car quality problems

If the car has quality problems, we will produce more is this mentality and feel regret to buy a car, right?

Before we talked about the video content, online car quality own-brand cars in 2019 in the list of complaints: cheetah CS10, Zotye T600, is not only a car easily broken, the attitude is not good.

This car is bought mostly to regret it.

car found not satisfied after long-term use

Finally, when buying a car, only a short test drive.

Chengsi you open one hour, right? Will not let you open three weeks, right?

Some cars are not satisfied with is the need for long-term use can be found.

Like if I bought a cell phone inside the store to try, to experience good, very smooth, very nice pictures, right?

but will find the card after using for a long time, is not it?

People say: the store when you buy quite good, is not the card. This is very disgusting, right?

There are a lot of friends before you buy SUV, thinking to buy a 7, father, mother, wife, father, mother, with a child or something, 7 good, is not it?

also test ride, test drive, finds nothing wrong.

There is also a video we talked about before, SUV practicality 7 is not our imagination so high.

In general they are the trunk 2 position you put two seats only.

You people sit down, people need luggage does not fit, it becomes false 7, or SUV called a fake.

long-term use, the first three rows ride comfort and you are not satisfied, something does not fit, and regret: I do not buy hey 5 SUV doing it? There is such a possibility.

deviation on the question of money

Speaking in front of the car is the reason, in fact, leaving aside the car itself, regret buying a car is another very important factor: economic reasons.

spend more money to buy a car

instance: buy loss.

Now manufacturers are increasingly ruthless price war, is to play at every turn fracture, buy today, down tomorrow, nothing remarkable is.

For example, the new BMW 3 Series has just listed, almost a penny concessions are not.

Now, according to the car home, the average discount everywhere in the 50000, 60000, and I have not said Tesla, right?

journal "Industry Watch" above have papers, "to see China's auto industry from price competition Game Theory" talk above.

States automobile manufacturers are seeking to maximize their own interests, as far as possible to seize the market.

In all methods, the market price change, price sell more optimal strategy.

cars buy early, then there is nothing manufacturers enjoy this discount.

This is like on the inside the shopping cart of goods, a little expensive, bite the bullet, "Oh" buy down. The first two days I did not expect is a dual 11, the mood will be very complicated, right?

before buying a car underestimated the cost of car

In addition, after buying the car, the car higher than the estimated cost before buying, but also may lead to regret.

journal "Advances in Psychological Science" have papers, "regret and neural basis of cognitive mechanisms" above say: actual behavioral outcomes than imagined or presumed result, it will lead to their own regret.

that were so, like I hear about one hundred kilometers fuel consumption 8L car before you buy, "ah," I think it is acceptable, yes.

out of a 9.5L, oil money is also more expensive than I thought, not that I can not afford, but I was very sick, very hard to accept, it is easy to regret.

Another, less likely to consider before buying a car to the parking problem, but the cost of parking is not really in our imagination so low.

mall stop one hour 5-10 bucks start, companies must renting a parking area, giving money, not necessarily something to temporarily stop, which is in trouble.

grass is always greener on one thing will always lose interest

Finally, the people are grass is always greener, and then have it dull.

This is some, Beibo above the law says, for the same thing, first time stimulus would dilute the 2nd stimulus, after a time of watered down, it will naturally become bored.

This is the diminishing marginal effect, to describe the process of an aversion to such a thing.

is also the same

car, before buying and after buying all sorts of difference, coupled with the increasingly tired, it will lead to psychological and regret a drop.


The reason to regret buying a car, but to varying degrees

All in all, everyone can not buy your perfect car, it does not exist.

always is to make you a little regret, but regret is not the same degree. Before

like saying you bought a Lamborghini, you do not know, "Oh," the car to open the back pain for a long time, the open near the waist to be sick.

Whenever back pain, you'll regret it, "alas" Why did not buy a Rolls Royce, or cheaper to buy a Mercedes-Benz is also very good.

I took the bus, sit by bit better than it comfortable, regret, is not it?

car and no car, the gap in life how much

But we can not just stare at the negative point of view, Leo Tolstoy said, things are has two sides, the proportion of good or bad depending on how we look at themselves.

There are still many benefits to buying a car, although it is somewhat unhappy place.

Winter car needs to warm it?