Insurance companies love to listen to the words of 6

Owners friends all know to buy a car must be insured, but the question of how much. For example, we have cut rub during driving, when accidents occur without the help of insurance payment, give us very serious economic losses, because the car is really expensive parts, like bumpers a few thousand. But if you're in an accident when the call report said the risk of the following six words, the insurance company may not have paid the 1 minute!

1, my car has not yet inspection

Insurance protection is a legitimate road car, if your car is not the annual inspection proved to be illegal on the road so the insurance company the right not to pay.

2, before that I blew

Under insurance law: the insured needs to inform the insurance company within 48 hours after the occurrence of the insured event, otherwise the loss could not be determined or enlarged portion, the insurance company will not be liable, so after the first time to report an accident insurance them on-site to assess the damage.

3, I hit the 4S shop

Do not know your insurance contract, there is no such a vehicle resulting in the detection, repair and maintenance during which the insurance company is not compensable, it seems a bit unreasonable but the 4S shop does have a responsibility to look after the vehicle, it occurred during this period shall be liable for the accident service points.

4, own car repaired, there is an invoice for reimbursement trouble

After the accident to repair themselves and then open invoices call the insurance company for reimbursement, this approach is wrong, the correct approach is the first time an accident occurs insurance companies come to assess the damage, and then go to repair.

5, I hit the rearview mirror

Most cars do not turn off the auto-recovery function, it is parked on the roadside can easily be blown from the people or the car, then the insurance company, the insurance company claims is generally not because the rearview mirror is considered to be wear and tear parts , not in the scope of claims, loss member further comprising: a hub, wiper and other parts.

6, wading stalled, how you can not beat up.

This goes without saying, if your car did not buy wading insurance, do not drive out the rain, if you buy a really stalled in the water, and do not start again! Because once again started the insurance company will not be paid out.

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