98 gasoline suitable for any car

Following the No. 95 and No. 92, the refined oil is about to usher in a new family member - 98 grade petrol. This is known as "noble gas" of 98 players, sawed exactly fit the car?

What is No. 98 petrol? Where is the good news?

Gasoline octane number is 98?sooctane and n-heptane and 2?f a mixture of gasoline is equal to 98. Compared to other grade of gasoline, gasoline antiknock 98, high fuel value, can provide more power.

But also because of its high grade, high prices, mostly for luxury cars used to be called "noble gasoline."

Advantage of gasoline is 98 "two high and two low", i.e., higher antiknock power and resistance, and lower gasoline and harmful substances in exhaust pollution.

Sawed car for plus 98 gasoline it?

Car engine compression ratio is the sole criterion for selection grade gasoline used: compression ratio

8.0-8.5 should be used in automobiles or gasoline 95 92

8.5-9.5 should be used in car No. 95 or more gasoline

In the above 9.5 should be used in cars 97 or 98 gasoline

Visible 98 gasoline suitable for engine compression ratio of 9.5 or more cars can be increased engine power, reducing the fuel consumption. At the same time, but also to ensure the smooth operation of the engine, complete combustion, less carbon.

To remind

A reminding the owner prior to the first addition of ethanol gasoline 98, to try to burn off the remaining oil in the tank.

Second, the calculated full tank 50 liters, with 95 per tank fill difference # $ 33 # 92 with difference of about 45.

Third, most of the owners do not need to add the # 98 Ethanol oil are good nobody could say who, but not unleaded gasoline!

No. 98 gasoline is doing what?