The real fuel consumption of Chinese selling cars, fuel-efficient three-cylinder engine it?

Chinese people to buy a car someone pursuit of power, it was concerned about fuel consumption, car choosing cars are different needs, so the total sales volume for the list of fresh-baked 2019 car, we combine today owners of real average fuel consumption data, focusing talk about car sales list the forefront of vehicle fuel economy performance. Everyone driving habits vary widely, average fuel consumption data but if thousands or even tens of thousands, they have a certain reference value.

The real fuel consumption of Chinese selling cars, fuel-efficient three-cylinder engine it?1

high-volume car

start talking about cars, we extracted only from the Top15 list of representatives of each family models, such as shared power Lavida/Bora assembly put with said; automatic and manual model and as access to a larger vehicle fuel consumption, so this count only automatic models ; two hybrid Furthermore, since the field it is generally linked to the presence of open, so here took only pure fuel cars do contrast .

The following look at the respective Ministry fuel consumption - despite the recognized fuel consumption with the Ministry of the actual fuel consumption of almost "did not have any contact," but whatever the outcome, they unified testing standards, can be used for horizontal comparison. The lowest is 4.9L/hundred kilometers Nissan Sylphy, while the highest is still a Chinese brand of Imperial.

So how do the actual fuel consumption? We look down:

Japanese representative of all A +, Civic civil and military

Japanese cars has been to fuel known, the fuel consumption table above, the Ministry of Industry can see the advantages. It seems from the actual owners of the data, the Japanese delegates doing really outstanding, of which about 2000 owners Sylphy average fuel consumption of 7.1L/one hundred kilometers; about 3400 fuel version of the Corolla/owners Ralink average fuel consumption of 7.2L/one hundred kilometers; about 10000 1.5T models with 2019,2016 Civic owners average fuel consumption of 7.6L/one hundred kilometers.

The real fuel consumption of Chinese selling cars, fuel-efficient three-cylinder engine it?2

Although the highest average fuel consumption to the number of more than three representatives in the Civic, but I still named in recognition, after all, 177 of the "supercar" take into account a lot of playability, the same level of power that can do this level of Festa, MG 6, the average fuel consumption have to go to about 8.4L/one hundred kilometers. This is why I always like to emphasize the reason Civic home property, balance is the greatest charm of this car.

Volkswagen family stabilizing EA is not burning oil on all the highlights

Honestly, came to this year's EA series engine burning oil complaint cases has been reduced a lot, I had also in the video clearly expressed affirmation of the EA series engine. The actual data, about 800 2019 models Lavida/Bora owners, average fuel consumption performance was good, 1.4T version which averaged about 7.1L/100km and 1.5L version about 7.3L/one hundred kilometers.

came to the public's B-Class, the focus here is the performance of 2.0T, about 1100 2019 Passat/Magotan owners, draw an average fuel consumption of 8.3L performance Bimengdiou (average 10.2L), Mai Rui Bao XL (average 9.3L), A Tezi 2.5L (average 8.7L) and so good. Although Volkswagen's car is always a lot of people Tucao, but the Passat had to crash out of the A-pillar breaking big news, but it is in terms of the engine, fuel consumption and power fairly comprehensive look remarkable.

The real fuel consumption of Chinese selling cars, fuel-efficient three-cylinder engine it?3

US Department only child grade point average, but still a little shake

American cars in 2019 is very frustrated, Changan Ford a big slice of cool, SAIC-GM are increasingly go downhill. They have been wiped out in the SUV Top15 list, the only Hideo an only child in the car propped list. Hideo full-line three-cylinder engine, with an average fuel consumption of around 13,000 car owners display, 1.0T about 6.8L/one hundred kilometers, 1.3T about 7.6L/100km which is unchanged from the 1.5T four-cylinder 177 Civic, which makes Buick explain how good?

The real fuel consumption of Chinese selling cars, fuel-efficient three-cylinder engine it?4

more tragic is that 2019 Ford Focus average fuel consumption of about 500 owners of the sample reached 8.8L/100km average fuel consumption of more than 300 multi-Worland sample also reached 8.7L/100km and even the 2019 models the average fuel consumption of Forex Club have reached 8.2L/one hundred kilometers. I am convinced that there is a fuel-efficient three-cylinder engine advantage, but in the United States Department froze the car is not very effective - fully illustrated, reducing the market share of American car still has its own reason.

Chinese brand king: let you know the real fuel tanks

Unfortunately, the worst thing China brand, which is the rapid development of China's auto industry but still does not solve the problem. Geely Dorsett month as car sales Top15 regulars, but also one of the few on the list of car models, the actual fuel consumption even more amazing, the owners of which about 6500 average fuel consumption data is 8.8L/100km it was just a weight of 1.25 tons compact car ah!

The real fuel consumption of Chinese selling cars, fuel-efficient three-cylinder engine it?5

high-volume SUV part

SUV came to the following section, it can be said to be the home of a Chinese brand, still automatic contrast only pure fuel vehicles , following hot-selling car fuel consumption performance in the end how?

is also acquire uniform testing standards of the Ministry of fuel pull tables. At first glance looks like a Chinese joint venture with the brand on behalf of the delegates Autumn fairly equally, whether Class A or A0-class SUV remained at relatively close level, but after the warm-up above, you should have guessed how much variables.

Chinese brand is still a full tank lineup

starting with calendar year sales crown Hover H6 surgery, although rebranding shedding spawned numerous models subdivision models, but the kernel is always about the same , kingpin of the 1.5T version of the model is now about 1000 owners of 2019 models data view, average fuel consumption of about 9.6L/100km fuel consumption is highly consistent with the previously measured WEY VV5.

The real fuel consumption of Chinese selling cars, fuel-efficient three-cylinder engine it?6

The more came Jili Bo, 1.5T version is not due to lack of samples for comparison, and the owners of about 6500 1.8T version of the model data show the average fuel consumption of 10.5L/one hundred kilometers; as Chang'an CS75 and PLUS version of the model, about 2400 average fuel consumption of the owners of 9.4L/one hundred kilometers. Objectively say to today's data, in fact, 9-10L/one hundred kilometers is not difficult to see in terms of a compact SUV, but there is no comparison to no harm, we take a look at the following joint venture SUV models.

The real fuel consumption of Chinese selling cars, fuel-efficient three-cylinder engine it?7

joint venture brand strength is indeed strong SUV fuel consumption

first got involved in the oil scandal Honda CR-V, after the recall measures immediately return to the peak sales, popularity is amazing. After 3000 the average data about the owner of the show, its average fuel consumption of about 1.5T models 8.2L/100 km less than the above Geely Dorsett fuel consumption, not embarrassed embarrassed?

The real fuel consumption of Chinese selling cars, fuel-efficient three-cylinder engine it?8

Moreover, official positioning has to go to the Tiguan mid-sized SUV of L (wheelbase 2791mm), which is equipped models 2.0T EA888, the average fuel consumption of about 3200 comprehensive owners only in 8.8L/one hundred kilometers. SUV joint venture to say on behalf of the less fortunate in performance, naturally aspirated engine of the X-Trail, comprehensive data about 5200 owners, 2.0L average fuel consumption of about 8.3L/100km average fuel consumption of about 2.5L 9.6L/one hundred km, is worth noting here that the Trail 2.5L model comes standard with four-wheel drive has been powered up.

The real fuel consumption of Chinese selling cars, fuel-efficient three-cylinder engine it?9

small SUV lot of slow but China joint venture brand is still beating and hanging

I for small SUV specially made to be seen, after all, can be seen in the list SUV A0-class SUV is quite popular in. The only start a joint-venture model XR-V talking about 2600 data show that the owner, 1.5L version of the XR-V average fuel consumption of 7.1L/100km and 1.8L has been discontinued is about 8L/one hundred kilometers , just a little less than half the 1.5T version of the sample, the average 8.2L/one hundred kilometers for reference only.

The real fuel consumption of Chinese selling cars, fuel-efficient three-cylinder engine it?10

the following brands to China. Let me talk about this year's most prominent dark horse more auspicious Bin, owners of about 1600 samples (all 1.5T version) shows the average fuel consumption of 8.7L/one hundred kilometers. Back to the question of full-line three-cylinder - not to say more fuel-efficient three-cylinder machine do? Comparing the same four-cylinder Honda 177 XR-V, how fuel consumption but higher? Is it because more and more tuned sport's sake?

in addition Baojun 510 and Chang'an CS35 is not fuel-efficient lights. Where the average fuel consumption Baojun 510 AMT version of whatever the outcome, the pressure in the 7.7L/hundred kilometers good results, but we highly anticipated version of the CVT, the average fuel consumption actually be able to soar to 9.2L/100km obviously still not match the powertrain mature; and CS35PLUS more exaggerated, which average fuel consumption of 1.6L version of 8.9L/100 km while the 1.4T version directly ran 9.1L/one hundred kilometers to go, a small SUV fuel consumption can "catch up" joint venture compact class even mid-level SUV's fuel consumption level, are not worthy of the people "proud" of a wave of it?

The conclusion is also obvious that the Japanese car representatives in like average fuel consumption owners Sylphy/Corolla/Civic, etc. are quite nice here not to an average of 4.5L/hundred kilometers dual-engine version of the model lists come in; Germany cars these years progress it is clear that the EA series engine data brisk, in fact, BMW's fuel consumption has improved a lot; in fact, the US Department of car fuel consumption is also greatly improved, but sales this year, according to selection, only Hideo list, the actual last year, when the average reviews Cowarts also did 7L/hundred kilometers fuel consumption; As for whether the Chinese brand car or SUV models, it is people with mixed feelings.

When you point to open the Chinese automobile brand's official website, you will often notice - the heart of China Top Ten engine, what blue-green core core technology, high thermal efficiency, combustion efficiency, and so full of bluffing words, but the fact is, even with the best engine, gearbox or with good, together is not work, so the final analysis, China brand in the research and development of core components is still long way to go, the actual performance data, in fact, than marketing gimmicks more important.

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