Traffic rules: this time must be running a red light! Not new but also fine!

In driving down the road saw an ambulance?

Hear the sirens coming back

You think?

"This is not my thing."

"I let up, do not let the car in front."

... ...

Just imagine

If the ambulance

Relatives, friends

Your family or just yourself

Are not you will think differently

"There are dangerous people behind, save him!"

"I give the patient time to get some more!"

Life and death are often sent that a few minutes!

"But the front straight,

Then I would let the illegal "

It's ok

Traffic police department said

For the event of such an emergency vehicle caused due to the initiative to avoid "cross the line stop, do not follow the guide lane, take bus lanes, take non-motorized vehicles" and other illegal activities, will be an ambulance driving track basis and promptly eliminated.

Remember Jinan on line last year, "worry avoid" emergency green channel it? 75 emergency vehicles equipped with smart tachograph equipment, the entire record of the vehicle during emergency avoidance situations.

The on-line system since last year, emergency vehicles Report video collected more than 5000. Which audited the initiative to avoid emergency vehicles of more than 600 video, do not avoid emergency vehicles more than 30 illegal data. To 470 vehicles due to the initiative to avoid violations caused by emergency vehicles, be eliminated.

Van "forced" to turn left

Of life give way

Bus crossing a red light ahead avoidance initiative

Two vehicles side by side

Make life channel

Hear the voice behind the ambulance

Turn left immediately hit

Or more of the owners of a big point of praise

There are also some owners

"I can not hear the sound of an ambulance."

by law

In case of emergency vehicles can avoid without avoidance, the ambulance driver front of the vehicle will be transferred to the real-time video capture and "readily beat" backstage, after the audit investigation, strictly in accordance with article 53 of the "Road Traffic Safety Law," Article 90 Article on illegal drivers fined $ 200, 3 points penalty.

At last

I will give you popularize

Emergency vehicle traffic rules

And avoid principles of social vehicles



Emergency vehicles should borrow emergency lane.

Social vehicle shall not occupy the emergency lane.


City viaduct

Emergency vehicles should be in the far right lane traffic, and select the bridge near the mouth into the ground under the road traffic, followed by social vehicles should avoid traveling to the left.



Emergency vehicles should be in the middle lane traffic, social vehicles should in turn give way to travel on both sides.


With a bus lane road

Emergency vehicles should borrow Bus lane traffic, public transport vehicles should avoid travel on the right or select haven near the bus stop avoidance.


Non-motor vehicle lane road has

Emergency vehicles can borrow a bicycle lane traffic, social non-motorized vehicles should stop and yield the right side.


Center is not set separation barrier on the road

Emergency vehicles should be near the centerline of the road driving, forward, reverse social vehicles should drive on the right avoidance.


Other roads

In other emergency vehicles passing through the road should pass under the premise of ensuring safety, social vehicles should take the initiative to give way in accordance with the emergency vehicle traffic routes.

For the ambulance and green channels

And race against time and life

Need everyone's participation

Life is fragile

Work together to care

This five car maintenance details, do not ignore