200,000 cars a year to keep a car cost how much?

In life, I believe many of my friends have heard the saying: "buying a car easy to keep a car difficult," one-time money to buy a car, but it is keeping a car needs a steady flow of transport, it is usually 200,000 cars a year how much it costs to keep a car, following on with a look.

200,000 cars a year how much the cost of keeping a car

1, fuel costs

Ordinary families travel to the annual mileage 20,000 km calculation, the average oil price to count 6 yuan/L, average fuel consumption in the mid-size car around 8L/100km, then oil a year it costs about 9600 yuan.

2, parking fees

Now almost no matter where parking should be charged, go play, dare not stay too long in the sights, the heart of every hour in the blood ah. Piecemeal fee plus an annual general area parking fees were around 6000.

3, maintenance costs

Want your car less and less a failure unitary moths, buy a home are like fathers, like a good wait. A year down the maintenance costs of all sizes around 3000 always wanted, it would have to learn what is necessary and which are temporarily not in use, or are confused tell these owners 4S shops pits, every minute a in much they spend one thousand pieces.

? ?? 200,000 cars a year to keep a car costs much

4, car washing

Some severe obsessive owners will wash every 1-2 weeks, once a general block 20-30, are normal ordinary people once a month, plus occasional waxing to be a sauna or something, a little 500 a year too much.

5, tolls

More or less had to drive a few times on high-speed, tolls one thousand yuan a year is the majority.

6. Traffic Insurance + travel tax

These fees are levied forced, whether you like it or not, always want the year 1000-something.

7, commercial insurance

I have been followed from the floor of your car, Without it really can not. 200,000 to buy all risks +100 million for liability insurance, 8000+ gone every year!

8, fine

Well, it is inevitable there will be some car illegally parked illegally, a 200 average, this money can not save the whole depends on the person.

Doing so are numerous, raising a 20 million cars a year's cost about two or three million, so you need to spend about 2000 yuan a month, to see the results you have to buy a car according to their economic strength decide what price to buy the car, or the car may afford to ah.

More than 20 million cars a year how much the car costs related content introduction, let's look at 200,000 vehicles Which cost-effective it.

1, Nissan X-Trail

Advantages: domineering appearance is very beautiful, high-end atmosphere, high color value, use these good words to describe this car's exterior. Function is also very much, I feel very good value for money.

Disadvantages: noise processing is not very satisfied, not engine noise in the sixties and seventies horse, ninety eight when he started to slowly enter the state, and the faster the speed the greater the noise. Center console screen is too small, stay away to see much.

2, Tiguan

Advantages: cost-effective, driving comfort, good suspension tuning, large space, either legroom or headroom are ample rear legroom home with children pay more attention, look also good-looking than before, and prices are also good deals.

Disadvantages: most dissatisfied with is the cast iron engine, with six-speed manual, and far worse than other VW up bar. The car rear abnormal sound; brake block; a small trunk space.

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