600,000 Tesla actually scrapped because of a cigarette

May have friends that want to smoke a cigarette on the ash box can put the car before if the accident occurred, the driver not to throw cigarette butts out the window, perhaps there would be no subsequent chain reaction while driving, but the problem really is that right? In fact, the car smoking is a very uncivilized driving behavior. (So ??the above choice, not smoking while driving is the most accurate answer.)

What harm of smoking to drive there?

Drivers are belong to uncivilized driving behavior of smoking, because smoking-induced driving a lot of traffic accidents on road safety. To this end, various places developed a number of local laws and regulations according to smoking may lead to accidents, regulate this uncivilized driving behavior.


Driving, drivers need to focus on, and smoking is distracting behavior, would greatly increase the accident rate. Many drivers feel that smokers will choose to smoke in fatigue to refreshing the body, it is unscientific, because with the increasing concentration of smoke inside the car, the driver is easy to make the brain of oxygen, so that the operation becomes sluggish response capability drop, so when unexpected situations occur, the accident prone.

200,000 cars a year to keep a car cost how much?
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