The method of cleaning the nacelle

Car wash is the majority of owners friends "day job", either on your own or go to the car wash car wash car wash cycle Well, as short as a day or two or as long as a month, but must wash regularly, but not every clean engine compartment , how your car engine compartment hygiene friend car owners are concerned? If you have never cleaned this place, so please take a few minutes to finish reading this article, I will let you and your car are satisfied.

Cleaning the engine compartment of significance:

The first is to remove dirt from the engine compartment components, to ensure the healthy functioning of the engine, to facilitate the observation where dirt and prone to oil spills and other problems, this is the most important sense; the second is to make the engine compartment look more tidy, see 95?f people will praise the owners "really pay attention to."

Opened two years full time, every few months will simply clean up the engine compartment, but did not use a cleaning agent, so close to the cylinder head for so long also accumulated some sludge, intend yourself to a thorough cleaning.

You can not use high-pressure water cleaning directly?

The question many people ask me, the answer is not recommended! Because flushing the engine with water cannons not have very good results, because the engine compartment of a lot of glue on the part of things is not only mud and surface dust (especially the cylinder head nearby), but accumulated sludge for a long time, it simply can not afford to water is red, and the other engine structure without understanding the words, blindly back and forth rinse with water cannons also cause damage to the engine compartment to other parts, such as ignition coils, fuse boxes and other parts.

DIY cleaning tools engine compartment need:

1, the engine cleaner appearance. Generally called the name, also called the engine compartment or other cleaning agents, there are two kinds of foam and mist;

2, the engine wiring harness care agent (engine polishing agent). Inexpensive, I bought these two things in a Beijing Auto Parts City, spent a total of $ 60, can be cheaper if the bargain;

3, a small brush, the brush head width is not too large, multi-slot and narrow engine compartment, with a narrow head easier.

We recommended to park in a place with drains

Although not applicable water washing, but after cleaning will have the sewage flow to the ground, pollution of the environment is not good, it is recommended that you wash the engine before proceeding to park in a place where the drain, such as cell and the side of the road covers at.

Remove the engine cover decoration

Now a lot of models for the beauty of the engine compartment, are designed with decorative plastic cover, I saw many of my friends will wipe the decorative cover is clean, I feel this is the love of the engine, the other it is just a piece of plastic covered with it ...... but below the sludge still intact stay there. So you want a thorough cleaning, we will first need to remove the plastic cover.

The plastic cap is generally fixed with clamp, grasp the edge of the lid can be removed to pull up easily with bare hands. However, some models of the lid will connect to other lines, such as the old section of POLO is to design air filter cover in the inside, you need to remove all the lines before pulling down.

After removing the plastic cover, you can see the body of the engine, and you will find it to be dirty than the plastic cover and more. Opened a few years of the vehicle, the cylinder head cover or cover near the oil filler will have some sludge, looks like a matte gray paint, like water wash away these things may be too strenuous.

Yourself to the car waxing