family car 1 year to keep a car car cost?

Life, I believe many of my friends have heard these words: "buying a car easy to keep a car difficult," then keep a car you really want to spend a lot of money 10 million vehicles a year to keep a car how much it costs, here's a look at it.

100,000 yuan a year car is the cost of keeping a car

About a 100,000 yuan car to look at the majority of family cars, a year of use mileage is not more than 20,000 km, then to 20,000 km a year to run the calculation.

1, Insurance

Turned over to compulsory insurance, 500,000 liability insurance, plus caustic danger is not deductible, which a few basic insurance 100,000 car needs about 4,000 yuan. The different insurance companies all over the cash back policy, may be slightly floating.

2, travel tax

Travel tax is a property tax in our country to public security, transportation, agriculture, fisheries, military and other administrative departments according to the law for registration of vehicles, ships, according to its kind, in accordance with the provisions of the tax basis and standard annual tax levy calculations. Because the country will be somewhat different standards for the travel tax, calculated in accordance with this standard travel tax levied in Guangzhou, then, 1.6L displacement of passenger cars per year are required to pay the travel tax 360 yuan.

3, the cost of gasoline

About 100,000 family cars, if two-thirds of the city, 1/3-speed and State Road, about one hundred kilometers combined fuel consumption 8L, currently No. 92 about 6.9 yuan per liter of gasoline. Such annual fuel cost about 200 * 8 * 6.9 = 11010, it is of 1.1 million yuan terms.

? 4, parking fees

The different in different cities. If they have a parking space, then there is the intersection of a year residential parking management fees, parking outside the city believe that 1000 is a year most nearly enough.

If you do not own parking space, need to rent, the price from several hundred to several thousand. We will take a $ 2,000, plus outside parking fees, a total count of 3,000.

5, maintenance

A year to run 20,000 kilometers, need maintenance 3-4 times (some maintenance once the car is 7500 km), a small maintenance 500 yuan, a large maintenance thousand. Two small maintenance plus major maintenance, a total of $ 2,000.

6, illegal

Most people $ 1,000 a year is enough, it is not easy to drive carefully violation.

7, car wash

The other is what the car wash, a few hundred pieces a year is enough.

8, tolls

This should vary, some owners rarely run high-speed, high-speed one-month fee also 100 dollars now, one year 1,200 yuan.

So it can count to, with 0.4 Insurance + travel tax fuel +0.3 +1.1 +0.2 parking violation maintenance +0.1 +1.2 + car wash tolls = about 23,000 yuan.

Of course, if your car less, you do not need so much money. So, you can think about a 100,000 yuan car, opened 20,000 kilometers a year, keeping a car cost 20,000 yuan up and down.

How often car maintenance

1, engine oil and oil filter

Recommended replacement cycle: 5000 km

A sister driving a BMW 7 Series came to the 4S shop, he said the car lights up to remind her to come to be oil service. Service advisor say, do a maintenance oil for 1161 yuan, expensive sister said, and then turned around and left. Oil service still to do, after all, the car has lights, so I really should not do that.

However, 4S shop will launch a number of similar lubrication packages such projects, which it need not do it, it would be better to shorten the maintenance cycle you some more practical.

2, air filter

Recommended replacement cycle: 10,000 km inspection

The owner of a shop to say air conditioning smell, it is difficult to accept. When the service advisor to open the engine hatch, his face ignorant force, there is to see is a pile of bones of dead rats. If the service is not open the engine hatch to see the consultant, said direct replacement air filter is not useful.

There is usually parking time to pay attention, try indoor garage, and if not, we should try to find some clean place to stop. Avoid non-normal cycle air conditioning filter replacement.

3, the air filter

Recommended replacement cycle: 10,000 km

When the time to replace general, service advisor will recommend owners to replace the air filter. But if you usually taking the paved road of the city, allowing technicians ripped out look, some with under clean air gun can continue to use for some time.

So the service advisor in maintenance suggest you do this, you should pay attention, tell him to look ripped out again, more appropriate.

4, tire

Recommended replacement cycle: 50000-80000 km

Whether the tires need to be replaced, the more intuitive. When the general store, pre-screening station in the vehicle lift, you can see the tire wear. In the proposed replacement tires as much as possible before you change the value of 3mm, 1.6mm if you do not replace, the replacement value to the limit, it must be replaced.

Mother had a 4S shop to replace the tires, put the car said the car front wheel hub is replaced with the old, and said the police would not give a statement, the last director to come forward to convince the owner. 4S shop although very pit, but not a back door to do this dirty, this area touches do not worry.

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