How to buy eight years ago, the Great Wall H6?

2011 Great Wall H6 listed gone past eight years, has ceased to exist once the Great Wall H6, Haval H6 turned to overhaul the market to continue to campaign, last year Harvard total domestic sales reached 500 million units, as China's first to reach 5 million of SUV brand, Harvard has become an industry benchmark.

Of course, we did not forget to make new friends and old friends, along with a listing of new sections of Harvard, when the founders of the old section of the Great Wall H6 models who remember, the first year of the Great Wall H6 consumer choice, usage and how?

Domestic SUV market was blank, except for the old RAV4, CRV, the X-Trail a few cars were removed from the market, you want to pick out the right product nonsense 100,000 in the market, reverse CRV Great Wall H6 indeed come with huge dimensions and 100,000 starting price attracted the attention of consumers.

The earliest Great Wall H6 typing ah 2.0L normally aspirated engine and 2.0T diesel engine, gasoline engine from Mitsubishi, diesel engine production for the Great Wall, with the early brute power system and a wealth of configuration, H6 in the market to obtain excellent results.

H6 consumers the choice, most can not do without a reason: cheap!

After so cheap, 8 years of use, what they feel, we understand several prospective owners.

"In the past 130,000 I bought this H6, when he wanted to see the car SUV, but the CRV, RAV4 too expensive, but also the Japanese brands, so I bought this Great Wall."

H6 ran this there are hundreds of thousands of kilometers, in addition to high fuel consumption, the problem is not many, of course, inevitably some small problems and replaced tanks, clutches, other small problem is not abnormal noise, during which here have to say fuel consumption, 2.0L Mitsubishi engine power is really the meat, and fuel consumption is not low, the urban 10L very relaxed, they have high speed around 8L.

This must Tucao, but considering the old Mitsubishi engine, so the problem is not the Great Wall trough point does not spray, but now looking back, H6, and even now most certainly was worth buying a car.

"Space, less problems, cheap, great fuel economy"!

Another car owners brute summarizes the advantages and disadvantages H6, and indeed in the circumstances 100,000 buy SUV, in addition to several own-brand products, but considering the Tiggo is too small, CRV is too expensive, comprehensive chose this H6 there had during the accident, a collision can not be considered small, but also carry H6 down, after repairs that do not make enough money to stay in the hands of the current combined fuel consumption of 10L, 2.0L Mitsubishi engine noise is slightly larger, but the reliability comparison high transmission gear difficult to hang no way to buy a whole 100,000 H6, no loss.

Also, another point is also the owner tucao high fuel consumption, in addition to handling was not good enough also point out, in addition to these two shortcomings overall performance is satisfactory, quality, after-sales, space and color values ??at the time and now not out of date.

Like other owners, he also mentioned a point: when 100,000 SUV, only H6 is the best choice, cheap, big space, high color value!

Here it should be mentioned two facts:

H6 old power is weak, the direct cause of high fuel consumption was the Mitsubishi engine led to the Great Wall, the Great Wall but the new 1.5T engine performance pull-liter clear, excellent fuel economy and dynamic performance.

The era of the Great Wall H6 quality has been verified as a means of transport, good quality is the key, the Great Wall good product quality in order to be recognized by consumers, which is also capable of rapid growth in just a few years the root cause.

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