Your own hands to solve problems of small vehicles

After the New Year, auto 4S shops, car repair workshop maintenance get together disaster, many owners find telephone appointment is not effective, the appointment of the 4S shop discharged at least a week after! And the whole city was in February after repair maintenance-peak hours. This time because some of your own if you can not solve or urgent care little car trouble or problem to the 4S shop, it really is a "minor illness also go to large hospitals," By the same token, to make their feelings "clogging" of the ! below, we tell you what items you can solve yourself, what items can be taken to suspend the method, 4S shop do not have to get together.

Ready to work

1. Manual car on the car, so feel free to read;

2. learn to look at the instrument panel fault light tips;

3. At least one car emergency first-aid kit, there take the line of fire, a small jack, tire pressure gauge and other basic emergency equipment.

You could not beat the car?

DIY First Aid: FireWire take charge itself

The most common, most embarrassing, most owners panic panic issues, and probably could not beat the count fire. This is because the problem is basically dead car battery caused, note the dashboard of the vehicle, if the battery problem is displayed, then first do not become impatient, and the second is never continuous ignition again, this will make the battery has insufficient power consumption after the last of more than electricity. Of course, this situation is not necessarily going to 4S store or repair shop to an emergency CALL. If your car is equipped with a wiretap, then worry, you can borrow other vehicle ignition battery for his car, but pay attention to read the instructions, be sure to pay attention to is: take a positive electrode; a negative then negative. Do not wrong direction! In general, the only loss of battery electric vehicles after a more than a step away from ignition smoothly.


1. Prior to take the line connected to power vehicles, must first turn off the engine;

2. must be careful not to take the line of positive and negative contact, short circuit is very dangerous.

3. The first split take the line when the negative electrode is removed, and then remove the positive electrode;

4. If it is because of low winter temperatures allow the battery to freeze, it does not apply to this approach.

[Introspection: To battery daily burden]

Encounter beat the fire, the battery is dead, instead of complaining about the vehicle battery is not to force, as car review their way to see if they have increased the burden on the battery's behavior.

After stopping remember to turn off lights and automotive electronics;

Do not let the air conditioning and cars start together;

Avoid prolonged standing open sound and headlights;

? If failed to start, do not worry frequently start the vehicle, separated by at least five seconds.

Tire burst?

DIY First Aid: change a tire on their own

Change a tire, seemingly complex is rough work, 15 minutes after the fact, you can easily get skilled, and just need to take some effort, the female owner as you can yo! Of course, the preparatory work must be done. If only a flat tire or tires were slashed, then things quite easy to handle, is to change the spare tire. Tool changing a tire after the boot is generally in the vicinity of the spare tire is equipped, such as jacks, screws loosen tools. Begin to do is to choose a flat, then jack placed in the tire needs to be replaced near the bottom of the vehicle, carefully lifted the body, in turn loosen the nut nuts, dismounted tires, and then replace the spare tire, then screw can be good.


1. Small jack, loose screw cap sleeves, security head screw removal, cover removal protection nut head, warning triangle, spare tire and other car comes with all the tools, no additional purchase. But to remind you always pay attention to check the condition of the spare tire and the tools specific placement.

2. When replacing the tires on the road, be sure to park your car to a safe location, and to be placed in the car after a good warning triangle, turn off, pull the hand brake and turn on warning lights.

3. This method is only temporary emergency, on their own after completion of the replacement tires, bad tires to be replaced after the fact, if there is time to do wheel alignment.

[Introspection: daily attention to tire maintenance]

Tire maintenance is very simple, that is, always check the tire pressure tire enough, tread wear status. The best car with tire pressure gauge and other small tools, tire pressure checked at least once a month, will check tire condition before each run high-speed long-distance.

The body is scratched?

DIY First Aid: Self-up painting

The car ran more, bumps are inevitable, especially in the paint will always be a variety of small scratches. Because this issue went to a trip to the repair station, it is "overkill." If only some small parts of the paint chips or small scratches, may wish to own automotive supplies market buy materials to try mended. Material preparation is also very simple: a vial or alcohol foam cleaner, 3M paper yarn thickness, a fine brush, a pen or a primary color original paint with the paint color similar soft wax and hard wax. Note the scratched-up paint before the place clean and polished smooth before painting. Once the paint is dry, then wet polished, then clean the wax can be.

[Note]: This method is suitable for up painting a small surface, if your car at the surface, then deflated, then you need to hammer out the sheet metal, or go to a professional beauty shop or 4S shop.

Headlamps have a problem?

DIY First Aid: do the manual press!

Car headlight bulbs generally traveling 50,000 km or every 2 years or so, the brightness effect will be weakened, then need to replace the lamp. The light shade aging fuzzy, also affect road safety, so once the shade aging should be replaced immediately. Check the exterior lighting bulbs burn out failure is an extremely quick and simple task. According to the instructions on the manual, lampshade can be removed, cleaned. If you find a problem or adjust the headlight bulb is broken, do not take the 4S shop, you can solve yourself! DIY cost is lower than the service station charges lighting system maintenance.

Method: see user manual. In Santana, for example, need only open the hood, the headlight cover locking wire pull to one side, the cap is removed, disconnect connector on the lamp, the spring clip pressing the lamp base, you can remove bad lamp put a new lamp, and finally to check lights lighting conditions. If the headlight height adjustment is a problem, the solution is very simple, after the engine cover is open, there is a small hole above the headlights, there are a screw with a screwdriver adjustment to bring their own car.

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