Mercedes-Benz out of control and then out the door unmanned event, ask you afraid of?

"Mercedes-Benz out of control gate" has not yet come to light,

Again an "unmanned"?

Not see reports do not believe I killed

Also in Henan

The same bizarre plot suspense

From these things to happen

Every time I drove all nervous!

What happened was this:

Henan City Channel reported on April 26 afternoon, Xiang in Xuchang County Cultural road, a Honda Accord (parameter | pictures) suddenly crashed into the middle of the road wheel, when people came to the rescue roadside, rushed to the scene after the accident , and quickly opened the door, ready to save the car's driver.

No one inside the car, driverless car is running up their own? Just when everyone was wondering, the owner Wang whirlwind ran over.

Mr. Wang said, when he got off the phone, just get off the car and ran away, he hurried chase car. Speed ??is too fast, Mr. Wang seeing his car crashed into the middle of the road wheel.

Mr. Wang said, get off the car when their own is obviously pull up the handbrake P hanging files, how out of control, he also baffled. Mr. Wang is the 2013 Honda Accord sedan factory, since the accident, Mr. Wang and manufacturers are in daily contact.

Because in the end is what causes the truth still needs to be investigated. Currently, Mr. Wang intends to help identify third-party automotive quality, the results came out the use of law to safeguard their rights.

Once the matter is reported that attracted so many hot friends:

What is the specific reason

We do not guess

However, we do not panic

I believe relevant authorities will find out the reason

Restore the truth

Driving rain Cheats whole collecting!