Winter car needs to warm it?

previous car gasoline atomization, burning it, by carburetor, a low temperature, the ability to succeed, we must first hot car.

How can this car now things are EFI, the electronic system to control gasoline atomization, there is no need to go hot car.

Winter car needs to warm it?1

not like a rocker than the old hand tractor foundation, "Yi Yi choking choking choking" out of here.

Now also upgraded the tractor, around the key, press the button up by the hair, have it all, so do not spend effort as before, in the era of science and technology progress.

do not need hot car directly will not go wrong

Before we also talked about the content, hot cars hot cars, hot is the oil and water temperature.

However situ hot car, but the temperature rise is slower than 10 minutes the temperature is not necessarily come.

So in most cases, the correct approach is to directly open a car went well.

to open up heat, as long as attention starting try not particularly high speed, the speed stability and the like, and then it Feet throttle.

Mercedes-Benz Owner's Manual Reference for a moment, clearly above said: Do not place hot car, immediately started, but before the normal operating temperature, to avoid high-speed and high-speed driving.

do not worry about the problem of insufficient oil lubrication

But some friends always think: "Oh," the little worried ah, will not be broken? Do not place hot car, "alas" always felt that it will be broken.

Why is this idea?

The first one concern is the low winter temperatures, the oil is difficult to draw up, not hot car, the oil did not come up, wear and tear is more serious.

But in fact is that, no matter what the season, the car parked for a long time, to re-pump the oil from the oil pan are the top up.

That cold start when the mill is grinding will, and it's hot car does not matter.

Another is full of oil inside the engine, from below, "ah" look up, a few seconds.

have the paper "build pressure oil pump improvement" talk above: increase after a certain pressure to the oil pump, the oil is forced under pressure to the upper surface of each of the moving parts of the engine, the entire process is substantially less than 10 seconds clock.

that were so, then you launched, the better the seat belt system, the mirror tone is good, lubricating oil has been good.

This time do not deliberately go like have to wait 10 seconds, up on it.

without waiting for stable speed walk

The first two concerns, some friends think, just the name of the car, the sound a bit big, vehicle speed, tachometer seems not very stable, direct drove off will not hurt the car? Idle stabilization want to wait before you leave.

Winter car needs to warm it?2

In fact, sparking instant speed is called "starting speed "and then fall a bit, for a period of time, and finally fell into a normal idle speed.

This time until the idle rotation speed, referred to as "warm-up phase", the purpose is to give more catalytic heating.

"CSICE" journals papers above, "explore the gasoline engine during starting and warm-HC emission reduction" above speak.

60?o 80?f unburnt hydrocarbons in the cold start phase occurs. To incomplete combustion, did not burn up.

Therefore, by changing the combustion process required a cold start to accelerate catalyst light-off, reduce emissions.

do not mind, put it simply: after ignition high speed, this time not stable, increase speed, speed up the heat just to reduce emissions, will not have any impact on the car.

original design is placed there to have this feature.

Why some people are still in situ hot car yet

So the question becomes, why do people still want to place hot car? Sometimes situ hot car, the car is not to open up a little more comfortable?

Southern friends may not feel anything, the North, especially the Northeast friend empathy.

interior fogging the windows full of cream

First northern winter, got into the car, the windows full of frost, fog will breathe on their own, want to go totally not walk, to wait for a situ thermal heat, air conditioning warm up before defrosting, defogging, right?

Winter car needs to warm it?3

The waiting process would take a little time, " Shandong Chemical Industry "journal have papers," research vehicle waste heat utilization system, "say it.

When the outside temperature of minus 3 degrees Celsius when a section car heating thermostat to 85 degrees Celsius threshold, probably 110 seconds, two-minute appearance.

different car and different settings, good or bad is a luxurious air-conditioned.

So, that led to some people need situ hot car for a long time, but for a long time, also 2,3 minutes, do 10-minute heat.

hot car is not bad gear hanging

In addition, some friends, just the name of the car in winter, the gear is not linked, or that does not go hang, and also need situ hot car to leave the Guadang.

gear hanging bad, mainly because of the low temperature when the transmission oil is too thick, so that the motion of the gear when the resistance is too large, prone to shift when the latch.

"Tribology" There thesis, "Study of tribological properties of oil manual transmission vehicles" talk above.

large viscosity transmission oil, although better anti-friction properties, but low temperatures will cause difficult in gear shift poor performance problems.

In fact, this winter and thick bicycle chain lubricants, gear and above, up effort to ride a little big reason is the same.

situ hot car, engine input will stir the oil in the gearbox and let the oil temperature rises, the shift will become so hung up.

auto gearbox cold protection

Finally, some gearbox comes with cold protection, after hot car, open out a little more calm.

Nissan CVT example cryoprotectant, ambient temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, 40 degrees Celsius below the water temperature, it will limit the first speed gear to the second speed is within the speed 40km/h.

In fact, this is equivalent to "walking hot" proposal forcibly went inside to write the program, you listen or not to listen to good, had it.

cars do not need it for support

Overall, the car is not your father, your grandfather is not a car, but not your ancestors do not need them for support.

worry about cars wear point of view, do not need situ hot car, normally open on it, try to avoid one up on the high-speed, hard acceleration, this is going to need attention.

particularly cold northern regions, in situ hot cars nor to hurt the car, but to open more comfortable.

see the glass, frozen to death, no way, according to their own situation.

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