Accidents encountered a small insurance company how to do?

Small insurance companies it is really cost-effective, and now we have to buy car insurance, many insurance companies can choose, and thousands of large and small insurance companies, dazzled the election, the selection process will find the same claims service, the size of the insurance companies will be relatively large difference, often at this time, in line with the attitude of saving money, we will choose a less expensive small insurance company, however, is really cost-effective it?

At the end of last month, my colleagues and start a company car to go to work, reversing rear-end the vehicle in front on the road, no doubt, full responsibility for the vehicle in front. At that time they encountered each other's small insurance companies, have been together a very simple accident, stunned let one party is responsible for no reason began his journey of hard to force repair. Significantly higher to feel the difference of the size of the insurance company.

Small insurance companies issue

Less staff, slow scene

Insurance after the other newspaper, the staff said I need a little wait, because understaffed than far away, so for a long time to come. The reason is that small insurance company limited costs, accident claims staff density region is relatively low, if at the same time there were several accidents, it is busy here, there will be a problem waiting a long time, low efficiency of incident handling.

Slow review process to assess the damage, easily dismissed.

Our car set loss in the process of, 4S shop requires bumpers to be replaced, because it's a snap break anymore, but the insurance company in case of audit, directly rejected, again to assess the damage, only maintenance. Wasted five days. Because at the time of the damage, the company claims costs in order to ensure the least, the case will be reviewed very demanding, if unnecessary claims process audit, it will reject, and then re-set loss, the process is very tedious and time-consuming.

Less maintenance point of cooperation, advance repair needs its own money.

After the shoot the scene in Global China Insurance, he asked where we were going to repair, we chose the 4S shop had to buy a car, and then he said we did not cooperate with the store, so costs need to advance your own, and we forgot to let the responsible party to pay, so we come by our own advances. Normally, the bigger insurance companies are not required to be insured in advance, directly with the local transfer of maintenance costs, very easy.

Poor service experience

After I went to get the car, 4S shop to invoices and insurance policies gave me, so I sent to the insurance company, and I do not know belongs to Global China Insurance Wing Prudential's, let me downstairs to find a good meal, Finally, a call to find asked. Although there are many insurance companies are required to send their own invoices, but the company name does not match the address and not too good.

Compared to us, there is more sad reminder of the owners, in the case of full insurance after the accident, a variety of small insurance companies to find reasons not to adjustment expenses, resulting in problems owners have to bear the high losses of their own after the accident.

I look at an accident encountered before, when the other vehicle violations and road hit me, take full responsibility, only scraped a little paint. The other was called the insurance company, the insurance company is the People's Insurance auto insurance, ask me about how much money can be repaired, after I asked said 500, PICC staff flew to the owners that you put money on the advance, the company will call you within 3 working days , then only 10 minutes to process finished.

When buying a small insurance company or insurance company should encounter little how to do?

1. determine responsibility for the accident, and who has responsibility and who reported insurance. If the accident complicated, first of all first insurance policies, described the scene to staff, asking whether the police need to be responsible for the accident, an accident or the two sides negotiated compounding.

2. with the insurance company to discuss the claims process, the point: Where to assess the damage, and whether insurance companies have cooperation, involving casualties, what is paid and what does not pay, the need to advance, who will advance, where claims hit the money, how long .

3. repair the damage must be present and negotiate with insurance companies 4S shop where change where good repair, the case may not pass the audit, to communicate timely and insurance companies, and other disbursements necessarily require the responsible party.

4. Where an invoice asking for reimbursement, leaving a good insurance company phone numbers and addresses. What documents need.

to sum up

A sub-price goods, if the vehicle without any accident cases, a small insurance company is a good choice, you can save a lot of money, but novice drivers, then I think it is a large insurance company choose more tricky, such as PICC , peace, etc., to go in without knowing the insurance process, the process is relatively simple and can save a lot of things. As well as when buying a car, 4S shop to help handle insurance must see if it is a small insurance, so as not to cause trouble later.

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