Winter car oil Notes

Many people feel uncomfortable winter in the north, not only cold, but very dry, typically is dry. Not only will people feel cold, especially in terms of our car, such as a variety of oil on our vehicles, they are in fact, for the change of seasons also "sensitive" than we are, if attention is not in place, it is likely let your winter car experience greatly reduced, or even worse, for example, could not beat the car, or throw you on the way are possible. So, to avoid this from happening, in the following sections, you better go with me to figure out this thing.

winter, the car where fear "frozen."

Already beginning to chat with everyone, in the cold of winter, not only for people who need to dress up to suit the winter, the car is the same, but today I want to talk with everyone, the most important of which is three places: oil, antifreeze, glass of water.


Some people have doubts, my car all year round with the recommended oil 4S shop, nothing had ah? Why single talk about this? Four seasons with the recommended oil 4S shop of course right, but you know what? Different oil specifications, its performance in the winter is not the same. In the cold winter, especially in northern areas, the choice is more suitable for winter oil can not only help you more smoothly start the vehicle, but also can reduce damage due to poor performance caused by the oil cold start.

oil properties see here

Before talking winter for what the oil, we take a look at the meaning of the oil product label SAE, SAE is referred to as "the American Society of Automotive Engineers" in English, SAE behind the numbers indicate the oil viscosity values, such as: SAE5W-40, wherein "W" wINTER Representative winter, "W" in front of the number represents the viscosity at low temperature flow, the smaller the value the better the low temperature fluidity of oil, when the cold start of the engine the better protection; " W "is the figure behind the oil viscosity at 100 , the higher the number the higher the viscosity.

How to choose their own "winter oil."

According to the traditional cognitive point of view, when winter comes, we can choose a lower low temperature viscosity oil, such as oil 5W or 0W, for the most years is not too long (3--5 years), and very good condition vehicle speaking, when winter comes, choose a lower oil viscosity at low temperature are possible, such as your models original recommendation 5W or 10W oil, you can "promote" a low temperature index file, which is in front of the W value.

Here's the "promotion" of a file, referring to the front of the W number, such as 0W or 5W, it can make you more smoothly in some of the winter to start the vehicle, and the engine oil will give more at this stage start lubrication protection. For 100 kinematic viscosity, which is behind the engine oil grade numbers do not change easily, very different process requirements of engine manufacturers for high-temperature lubrication performance differences freely change the temperature lubrication performance may damage your engine, such as burning oil, even the engine scrapped.

few models need to pay attention!

For most passenger cars, the above proposal is quite suitable, but for those minority, we will be treated separately, although your car is also a 3.0L V6, it is, but because of the manufacturing process and differences in adjustment, for a small number of models, the choice of oil still to be cautious.

For example, the previous generation 4.0 V8 BMW M3, which is the most suitable for 10W, 15W or low temperature start such a high oil viscosity, viscosity great though, but for it in terms of air-tightness at this time and cylinder pressure for it for the more important, plus it had great power car, "led" 10W or 15W oil is not a problem, but rather for those I have just mentioned 0W, 5W oil, it is absolutely not be used indiscriminately, otherwise contrary engine will bring very serious negative impact.

Look at this old car!

For more than 10 years of age of the vehicle, mileage over hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of kilometers of old car, I suggest that you use the original oil can be recommended, although its low-temperature start-up performance is not the best, but the benefits of the oil is sealing would be better, easier to maintain oil pressure, reduce oil consumption, and such oil mostly mineral oil.

For most old cars is concerned, the gap will be more or less poor air tightness and mechanical parts, large, low-temperature low viscosity oil to start, such as 0W, may lead to burning oil, which can not meet engine lubrication needs protection, no harmful Lee. Of course, if you feel your car maintenance is in place, still have a very good condition, want to try to use the oil 0W or 5W, it is another matter.

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