Buy auto insurance can actually retire?

Some time ago our company's work car suddenly have problems running, maintenance can not find parts, helplessness need to use daily work, no way can only select replacement car. But just before the car we only have problems to vehicle insurance renewals, which may embarrassing ah! New car can not be used ah! The insured can only go to the back, but it tried to buy auto insurance editors, and forced the surrender on his face senseless.

I believe most of my friends, too, vehicle insurance surrender ever heard of it, this would then surrender the car to work things Laijiangjiang car dealers insurance how should I do?

What are the conditions for the surrender of the vehicle?

Satisfy the condition: Automotive Anguidingbao waste; car resell to others; repeatedly insurance, insured with the same insurance as a unified two cars; insurance companies are not satisfied, want to change insurance companies.

Insurance does not expire before, or buy insurance in force can not retreat. Of course, if expired or the insured vehicle within the term of the policy or insurance firms report a claim for compensation from the insurance company to get through, not surrender. And even reported the insurance, but the insurance company is not paid, the same can not surrender.

And just as we renew such insurance if already in force, and if the surrender of car insurance has come into effect, insurance companies will enter into force a few days premiums deducted from corresponding insurance liabilities.

What materials need to surrender the vehicle?

1, the surrender application: stating the reason and time of surrender, vehicles belonging to the unit's official seal is required, an individual is required to sign.

2, the insurance policy: the original insurance documents. If the insurance policy is lost, you need to go through in advance.

3, insurance invoice: generally require the original, sometimes a copy is also available.

4, proved to be the insured person's identity: a business license units required vehicle, you need a personal ID card.

Well, after figuring out the information they need to sort out what the editors of the surrender process, divided into three parts.

surrender to submit an application to the insurance company. Write a application form, explain the reasons for surrender and surrender from the beginning what time, sign it or cover chapter, give it to the insurance company's business management department.

issued by the insurance company's business management department surrender endorsement. According to the insurance company issued a surrender surrender grant application form, giving the time of surrender and above the premium amount should be returned, and recover your car insurance policy.

after approval by a period of time, the premium will be returned to your account

And we do so in accordance with the process, here is what we surrender of actual experience, what kind of problems we encounter?

Surrender seems very simple?

Although the front editors find a lot of information related to surrender, but, after all, it is the first time apply for surrender is still not assured. Or to confirm understanding through manual call the insurance company. But whether by life insurance artificial customer service phone customer service or official website, I do not give a precise answer. Customer service telephone direct reply to me I say: we only sell auto insurance-related businesses, but also advice on auto insurance business hall surrender.

Then the editors turn customer service inquiries through the official website, the resulting difference is not all the same answer: There is no official website and related presentations about cars surrender process, please consult the operating room. At the same time customer service to handle editor provides all telephone points, but for consulting before until the phone has been able to get through this experience does have some difference.

What surrender lose? After the surrender will affect later buy insurance?

Former editor did not handle just had to know the insurance policy is not surrender, but to the point of sales staff told me, "Traffic Insurance can not retreat" ............

But editors discovered that in fact pay high insurance can also be back, first look at the effective date of the policy of compulsory insurance turned over after the query, if the policy has not yet entered into force, can apply for surrender. If you pay compulsory insurance in force, in accordance with the provisions of "motor vehicle accident liability insurance regulations," if you do not meet the conditions of surrender, we shall not surrender.

Need to meet the conditions: insured motor vehicle is written off legally registered; be handled suspended insured motor vehicle; the insured motor vehicle by the public security organs confirmed missing; repeated insurance policyholders to pay high insurance; insured motor vehicle be sold, transferred, donated to the outside of the car seat nationality; new car due to quality problems is withdrawn because the seller or the relevant technical parameters do not meet state regulations will not be on the user's traffic control department.

How to deal with the experience?

Human editors are buying insurance, for example, query through the network can be found on all of the operating room for points, but need to be reminded: surrender your insurance policy and must go through the same business hall to apply for, and that needs attention. But do not have an appointment during business hours in the past can handle, it is recommended that the documents must be filled out in advance.

When the staff members handle will tell you some of the terms of surrender, etc., for the time probably about 20 minutes, the overall experience is good. Of course, the premium is not immediately retreated on your account, you need to have a time of approval, the ratio of the refund, in general, the insurance company by day to apply for refund procedures.

Summary: I believe that many owners are not going to come into contact with the surrender of things, could not begin to understand, in fact, be to increase the knowledge of the owners themselves, you can do this when a similar situation, others own money after bad a. Also recommended as far as possible according to their actual needs when purchasing car insurance, do not buy extra insurance to think of going back, but also to insurance companies a bad impression.

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