Winter Car Care

Winter To ensure normal operation of vehicles, vehicle owners should do all winter maintenance vehicle in advance.

Check the tire pressure. Cold winter temperatures, relatively hard rubber in a low temperature environment, brittle, tire pressure directly affect tire life and driving safety. Low tire pressure, the tire will increase the curvature of the wall off, together with the low temperature is easy to make the sidewall rubber fracture. Tire pressure is too high will reduce tire grip. Be sure to check each tire inflation is balanced.

Replace the high level of oil. The temperature dropped, the car must pay attention to the oil viscosity meets the criteria. After a sharp decline in temperature will increase the viscosity of the oil, it may be greatly affected when a cold start, good start, it is very difficult to turn up the engine.

Check or replace the antifreeze. Winter, antifreeze vehicle to double-check, if you want less time to add the same type of antifreeze. If the water before adding that, should the tank emptied before adding antifreeze.

Replace the antifreeze glass of water. Low winter temperatures and snow glass of water after use frequency is relatively large, the proposed owners to replace antifreeze glass of water.

Check the lights. More winter fog, the owner must check in advance whether the front and rear fog lamps can normally open, and learn how to turn on.

Check the vehicle battery. Fear low battery, the electric capacity is much lower than the normal battery capacitance at low temperatures. Before the advent of winter, it should be added to the electrolyte of the battery, clean the battery terminals and apply special grease to protect and prolong battery life.

Do paint waxing maintenance. After the winter temperatures drop, snow days have damaged the paint, waxing is a good way to winter maintenance of paintwork. Waxed body is not easy to wet, winter condensation paint less prone to the phenomenon of ice.

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