Auto insurance 10 kinds of situations do not lose

When buying insurance, you have carefully read the disclaimer on the contract? The problem, I believe dare Pai Xiongkou, self-confident people do not say seen in the majority. It is because the owners do not know when to buy insurance on the contents of the disclaimer, led to a dispute, both sides argued, and eventually to the "court" of the state. Today to talk about the 10 kinds of easy to overlook the insurance does not pay situation.

Note: The following 10 kinds of situations, in addition to the fourth and sixth, respectively, in both cases only for outside third party liability insurance and vehicle damage insurance, the remaining cases are suitable for four basic insurance (commercial third party liability insurance, vehicle damage insurance, the whole car pilfer, board officers liability insurance)

1. The new car is not on the card, no damage caused during a temporary license or temporary license expired, do not pay

Disclaimer car in four basic types of insurance in the insurance, are clearly defined, unless otherwise agreed no public security traffic management department issued when the insured event occurs legally valid driving license, license plate, or temporary license plate or temporary movement certificate, the insurance company is not compensable.

Experts suggest that buying a new car is only a temporary license plate insurance, and insurance companies should be stipulated in advance in respect of temporary license plates alone.

The vehicle is not within a predetermined time or annual loss is not caused by an accident inspection, do not lose

No vehicle inspection or annual inspection is not timely, they can not legally belong to the road through. Auto insurance exemption provisions, motor vehicle safety inspection is not performed within the prescribed time limit testing or inspection process loss on the road caused not by the insurance company is not compensable.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the annual inspection this matter, not a vehicle inspection, insurance is equivalent to white to buy the vehicle in a "naked" state, how dangerous to be more dangerous.

3. The loss of a vehicle accident during repairs caused not lose

Resulting in loss of vehicle inspection, repair, maintenance process, the insurance company is not compensation. The reason is that insurance companies consider maintenance point bears responsibility for care of the vehicle, the vehicle is stolen or damaged fault belongs to the maintenance point.

Also included in the dangerous condition of the vehicle, road maintenance or to send additional unexpected losses occur during maintenance, the insurance company is not compensable.

4. hit their families, do not lose

Third party liability insurance which an exemption clause stipulates that the life insurance or driver and their family members of casualties and loss of property or custody of all, is not responsible for compensation.

For example, in the above case, if the insurance company to lose money for the next of kin, and happens to be a close relative of the deceased insured, that is to say it is the ultimate beneficiary of the insured. This may appear a possibility that the insured intentionally killed the victim (the above cases is clearly not the case), in order to gain insurance money, this is called "moral hazard." This disclaimer is precisely in order to prevent similar "moral hazard" accidents.

5. Pay Parking Diuju, do not pay

For vehicles in paid parking stolen, although voted in the entire vehicle pilfer, insurance companies still do not compensate. The reason is that insurance companies believe that since the parking lot for a fee, then there care obligations take good care of the vehicle

Therefore, if the vehicle is stolen in a similar situation, as the owner should keep the invoice or voucher good parking charges as evidence when necessary to safeguard their own interests.

6. Insured give up right of recourse, no pay

"There are risks to do good, to give Responsibility need to be cautious." This is due to loss of vehicle insurance one of the exemption provisions, for third party damage to the insured vehicle caused insured event, the insurance after the accident, before the insurer is not compensation insurance, the insured person to give up the request for the responsible party , the insurer is not liable for compensation rights.

This means that if one day you Daihatsu kindness, responsibility and rights to give up on chasing the responsible party, and it may have to bear their own accident loss, because this case the insurance companies will not pay damages to you.

7. driver's license loss, damage and replace losses caused during driving, do not lose

Disclaimer four basic risk insurance in both noted in driving license is lost, damaged, expired or is lawfully detained, or temporarily during scoring 12 points, still driving a motor vehicle accident caused by the loss, no compensation.

In particular, the loss of a driver's license, driver's license or cancellation of the original replacement, driving the equivalent of driving without a license during this period, not only the accident insurance does not pay, he may be punished with driving without a license.

Replacement driver's license need to cancel the original license? New Year's Day in 2013 began to implement the "motor vehicle driver's license to apply for and use", there is no driver's license before the rules must log out in order to replace the other driver's license. However, log off and re-training industry is already a unwritten rule, as early as 2000 began to implement a. The reason for taking such a manner, bus driving school also has its own "difficulties." It is understood that since 2000, the bus driver is more "hot", after a lot of people to train, learn techniques left. This is the loss of one kind of talent for driving school, a driving school therefore take this means to restrict the trainees. Another reason for this provision of bus driving school is that if you do not log off the original driver's license, then they would have to go through this part of the students Zengjia formalities, no driver's license and another part of the students is not the same formalities. In order to facilitate the integration of materials, simply let that part of the existing license cancellation of the original student driver's license.

8. incident more than 48 hours did not inform the insurance company may not pay

Why here is "may not lose" it because "Insurance Law" states:? The insured shall notify the insurer within 48 hours after the insured event occurs, otherwise the loss could not be determined or extended part of the insurer is not liable for damages .

This means that if more than 48 hours before the accident notify the insurance company, but also can not provide valid proof of property loss, the insurance company the right to exclusions.

Of course, if you can provide valid proof, including effective police responsible for the accident Confirmation is given or proof of loss of property (such as vehicle repairs, etc.), then you can continue to the insurance company claims. But I suggest that you best possible insurance reported within 48 hours, to reduce unnecessary trouble; if indeed special reasons failed to insurance, but also the scene to take pictures preserve evidence.

9. The accident occurred before the insurance premiums to settle, and do not pay

Basic insurance General Terms and Conditions Article VIII states that in addition to the insurance contract provides otherwise, the insured should Yicijiaoqing premiums in the insurance contract. Insurance premiums to settle before the accident, the insurer does not assume the insurance liability.

Meanwhile, the "Insurance Law" stipulates that if the premium is not paid in the current period exceed the prescribed 60 days validity of the contract of insurance also suspend or reduce the insured amount by the insurer in accordance with the conditions of the contract. Unless otherwise agreed, at this time of the contract of insurance it is equivalent to a dead letter.

10. The vehicle of new equipment damage, do not lose

Disclaimer in loss of vehicle insurance and the whole car pilfer the provisions of the new loss of equipment other than the original configuration of the vehicle when the car factory, the insurance company does not pay. This is like for their car "exaggeration" of owners who need attention.

Now, after many owners bought a new car, we are keen to own to decorate it together, for example, to add a surround, plus a tail or something. However, in the course of daily use should pay attention, because this type of damage new parts, are excluded from the scope of compensation insurance company, unless otherwise buy, "newly added equipment loss risk" for these new components.


Car insurance exemption clause is we are most troublesome problem, because the insurance contents insurance by one person does not tell you the exact solution exemption clauses in; and as the owner looked inside Disclaimer lot of text, but also no patience to read one by one. Therefore, in the claims process there have been a variety of disputes.

Content of more than ten disclaimer, is very easy to be misunderstood by the owners, of course, considered to belong to the scope of claims of the insurance company, but in fact has been clearly defined in the exemption clause; If you do not look into buying insurance in the process clear, and Insurance companies did not agree otherwise, you may end up with the insurance company would be to "court" result.

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