Windshield spray angle askew how to do?

Drove for a while and some owners find friends wiper spray angle a bit crooked, not even completely sprayed onto the windshield, the face of this little problem of how we should solve, you do not ask me to teach others, I myself will be able to do!

First, we need needles, a needle right can solve this troublesome problem, but because of different models designed for water jet nozzles may be different shapes, some models are cylindrical, some sectors, there will be and wiper com.

Generally cylindrical spout into the hole 2-3, because more outlet so prepared with a needle to rotate the spray angle of the spout should be noted that, preferably the water column is adjusted to an upper portion of the wiper at the time of mediation civilian, wipers working convenience, additional water jetting nozzle hole 3 is preferably adjustable to adjust the angle of the middle higher, both sides may be appropriately lower, so to facilitate the wiper blade cleaner.

Fan-shaped spray, the water is discharged to the fan, which is the advantage of the spout spray uniformity, a large radiating surface. Therefore, this regulation is also very easy wipers, as long as the water in the pores can be adjusted to a windshield.

These are the need to manually adjust the spray angle, but sometimes it may be blocked by foreign bodies, but also their own observations.

After reading these two no longer have to seek ways to adjust to someone else, a needle to solve the problem is very simple, that go out into the low-high tone, go out into the middle of a high tone, and finally to remind owners can not try wipers Do not, in fact, stronger than the rag wiper, wiper only to emergency!

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