Windshield car standard treatment Dafa

Annual identification and insurance identification, etc. This series of identification, each owner must have friends are not familiar with, especially with a relatively long time old car, a car with a long time, inevitably the front windshield posted a bunch of these identities. Happened to the neighbor just bought a used car, the front windshield covered with a variety of logos, home ask me, expressed years ago, cleaned want to own these logos when buying a new car loaded to force it, but have spent a lot of "remedies" the effect is not good, get 1 West of the East, so the owners of obsessive-compulsive disorder fast offering, and how to quickly and effectively removed these identifiers? Let's say it together.

Folk prescription


At present I know is, rumors on the network can solve these Fengyoujing posted for a long time in the glass stickers logo, but according to neighbors say this man, and what does not, and the East 1 West, no clear clean and at the same time, more unsightly, and obsessive-compulsive disorder star's death sentence rhythm, so it is not recommended that you use the wind spirits to deal with these stickers logo.


In fact, use alcohol to solve the long-stick stickers and principles resolved by the wind spirits is the same, in the wind spirits have alcohol content, but the effect of treatment with alcohol is very general, and there is absolutely clean, a waste of time as to also waste materials, or is not recommended.

Hair dryer/steaming

Here we can still learn from this approach, is to use the hair dryer into a hot-air, facing sticker logo has been blowing, blowing a 1-2 minute piece can be torn off, the effect is quite obvious, if there are some places less than or tear , it is more blowing a little longer. In fact, the principle is very simple, with hot glue on the sticker soften, become sticky so, in terms of nature can be a piece of torn up, there may be need a little bit of residual glue with a wet rag to wipe clean, but the whole is much more convenient than to be erased with alcohol.

Then the problems will come, not necessarily everyone conditional hair dryer plugged in the car with ah! ? It does not matter, steaming hot water can also be, that is, the effect is not just hair dryer so fast, it takes a longer time, but the cost is not high.

Professional remover

Now there are many such similar professional in addition to glue, if the above methods are impossible, you can buy a bottle professional in addition to glue to use, even if the cost is not high, the highest efficiency, the applicable range is very wide.

Static stickers

There may be a friend will ask, inspection identifies so hard to clean up, what can both attached to the glass, sound and clear way? In fact, with static stickers can be resolved. This thing a few years ago, there are now many owners buy a new car will be used, the price is not expensive, as long as a few dollars.

Summary: In general, there are now equipped with these static stickers, there you must use the assigned, with or without the use of the proposed purchase, inspection standard, such as stickers electrostatic paste, paste to the front windshield, or in the future to clean up and you are a big worry.

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