Automobile spare tire maintenance

As the emergency vehicle's tires, spare tire speed rating and load index, although to be worse than normal tires. But the key role played by the time it is not worse than normal tires. Therefore, each owner must regularly check the spare tire situation the car, do not wait until later when really needed, only to find the spare tire is no longer available.

First, how long spare tire want to change?

Many owners do not pay attention automobile spare tire maintenance, are often only think of replacing the spare tire, but this is usually placed in the spare tire after years of aging have been serious, long after the car is scrap tires puncture want. This is mainly because rubber tire belongs, stored too long there will be aging, the aging of the general tire is about four years, so there is no spare tire regardless of use, after four years should be given replacement.

Second, how car spare tire maintenance?

Periodic inspection

Regularly check the spare tire, mainly to check tire pressure and wear and cracks before tread wear indicator line to wear, the tires should be replaced as soon as possible. If found to have fine cracks sidewall, it can not be used over long distances or high speeds, the tire sidewall as thin, high-speed driving prone to puncture.

Adjust the tire pressure according to the situation

In order to guarantee the shape and the use of the spare tire, in the tire air pressure is not the same as with a conventional selection during storage. A low-pressure tire is generally between 2.0 to 2.5, and the spare tire is between 2.5 and 3.0.

Motor vehicle spare tire Notes

Do not put a piece of oil

As the main component of the rubber tire, rubber and various oil is the fear of erosion. Owners often trunk and storing oil and other lubricating oil, the oil stains, once the tire, the tire will occur inflation eclipse, will greatly reduce the life of the tire. Therefore, try not to put the spare tire and oil together. If oil gets on the tires, should be promptly with a mild detergent to wash the oil off.

Do not use the spare time

Because many manufacturers of auto spare tire is not a full-size, its coefficient of friction with local as well as some other security features to be inferior to full-size tire. Therefore, the spare tire is best not to prolonged use.

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