Windows must be cleared up small ads

"It's sick of people, it just cleaned up not long, and now the window is a lot." When it comes to small card advertisements on the windows, the owner Mr. Ma is really the gas is not one to - a similar situation, many owners have encountered these little cards advertising is not only annoying, but also too easy, but also cause damage to the vehicle. So what's the trick children to prevent these small ads?

The proliferation of small ad window

"Now more and more rampant the small ads." Recently, Mr. Ma bought a new car would be hurt these small ads. One day, he just get on, feel the air inside the car is too muddy, I want to open the window to breathe. Unexpectedly, the window opened, a white piece of paper homeopathy fell into the gap in the window. "Paper out so suddenly, I have no time to pick up, watched it fall in. Small gap, despite how I pull the pull out." This is the card into the card advertisement caught in the window glass, Mr. Ma felt very let Blocking.

Many car owners have come across such a thing, such as traffic lights or in a traffic jam while parked on the roadside, front windshield and windows will be people plug in a variety of "small ads."

In recent days, reporters in Zhengzhou, capital of North Ring Road and Garden Road, Agricultural Road and Plains Road intersection to see, and several hands of people a lot of paid advertising are holding a small stack of cards, is to plug the vehicle parked roadside put a small ad, action quite adept. Reporters observed that many passing vehicles are spared. Such cards are basically small advertising paper, business card size, mostly above formal invoice on behalf of a variety of open, high recycle used cars and other advertising, advertising harassment suffered such small people is not unusual. Interviewed several owners, they said have encountered annoying windows small ads, sometimes there are situations with glass windows fall into the cracks occurred.

Window frequent failures

Plug the windows are all kinds of small business card advertising, even though so many owners fed up, but we also take down mostly direct throw away, not too seriously. So the owners of Mr. Wang has spent hundreds of dollars of repair money.

Home in Zhengzhou City, North, Mr. Wang said, when he was a few blocks north of Garden Road, Central, Plains Road, Agricultural Road, traffic lights, etc., are often made of small ads before the people in the windows folder on small ad when he saw the upset, wanted to lower the window after treatment, do not want to fall into the small card caught between the window glass. Mr. Wang did not seriously start, I did not expect, not only the noise recent window lift, it is far from smooth, the result of a repair shop to check, know that this is a small card to blame. "To the service station, the master to help me unload opened the door to find a total of five cards from the inside, and some cards are moldy." Mr. Wang said, after the card slides into the window glass cracks, accumulated at the bottom, because the the number of cards, door fittings or cause internal corrosion damage the normal function of the window.

How to prevent small ads

Faced with this small ads, the owner how to prevent and avoid accidentally dropping a small ad in the window glass caught it?

"When you see people who send ads, can he waved his hand, or press the horn indicate not." Henan Angelina service stations bow wide Sen said that if the door encounters a small card is inserted, do not convenience, with the way to remove the card down the window, because some car glass adhesion, small pieces of paper will slide glass with cracks in window glass. The best approach is to park your car to the roadside safe place outside the vehicle to remove the small card, once fell in, clean up a lot of trouble.

There is also the owner suggested that it would open the window and took the initiative to direct small ads, "Some people made a small advertising particularly immoral, you do not waved, said he kept in the car, people still willy-nilly, directly to the the window into the small ads on. " After such a thing a few times, the owner Mr. Zhang is now forced inside by the passive to active, "the card once inserted into the window, you do not pay attention, switch windows is very easy to fall into the cards caught between the window glass , so, it is better to directly take over the small ads come safe and secure. "

Timely clean-up is very important

Card slides into the window, there will be little impact on the car?

"If the card is inserted in the window, basically it will not fall from the window caught his own, but if the owner does not remove the glass will be lowered, there is a small card with the window glass may be brought to the window glass cracks in the majority will not affect the case against the door, but if you fall into too much, it may affect the normal operation of the window regulator. "Jiang Li Henan PTM service station, said," but there are doors in the sewer, if the car caught in the window glass slid more cards, come rain, rain sink in the card bubble rotten, it is easy to drain clogging the door. "

When "Some cards fall right in the position if the power window lifter, it may affect the use of the window regulator." Bow wide Sen told reporters during maintenance, the majority of owners found a problem with the windows down only to repair, the repair process, they found that in some cases have caught some of the cards in the window glass and the children fell into the food particles to go.

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