Brake oil change with stress

Into the winter, many owners take good care of the car, will promptly change the oil, check and replace the antifreeze. But it ignores the important part to protect traffic safety - brake fluid.

First, what is brake fluid? = Brake oil brake fluid

Brake fluid pressure is transmitted vehicle brake hydraulic brake system of a liquid medium, in a vehicle using hydraulic brake system. Brake oil or brake fluid, also known as a force forcing oil, the brake is an indispensable part of the brake system, the brake system and in which the medium is passed as a force, because the liquid can not be compressed, so that the total the output pressure of the pump will pass directly to the fluid in the brake cylinder.

Second, how to choose high-quality brake fluid

1. Appearance: honey quality appearance similar to brake fluid, light yellow or dark yellow, after dropping in the palm of the hand will be more frictional heat. Inferior brake oil will contain alcohol taste, a liquid like water, and possibly some impurities and suspended solids.

2. Boiling point: boiling point as high as possible when driving the car for a long time, the temperature will rise to a number of Baidu. If the brake fluid is not sufficiently high boiling point, once the temperature of brake fluid with increasingly higher brake pads, it will vaporize, bubbles, can not lead to an immediate brake, as the driving safety can not be guaranteed.

3. freezing point: The most important point is that the brake fluid mobility is better, which is especially important in cold regions. Quality brake fluid at low temperatures is still sensitive and reliable. However, the high brake fluid inferior freezing point, when the temperature is lowered to a certain extent the coagulation phenomenon occurs, greatly reduce braking performance.

4. corrosion: metal corrosion brake fluid quality and small rubber, extend the life of the brake pump. However, the poor quality of brake fluid of metal and rubber have more corrosive, it can cause leakage of the vehicle, braking inverted, resulting in serious accidents.

Third, the replacement of brake fluid

Certain time of use of brake fluid should be replaced. Generally 1 to 2 km with a check after the brake fluid, when 3 to 2 years or 40,000 km would have to replace a brake fluid. Into the winter, brake fluid before it is used may not meet the temperature requirement to timely check and replace.

Replacement of brake fluid to the best specialized shops or shop specializing 4s. Before replacing the brake fluid, to pay attention to whether the brake system maintenance personnel to clean with alcohol, different brands of brake fluid can not be mixed, to clean the brake system. When replacing, through the appearance of poor quality discriminates whether the brake fluid.

Brakes for vehicles is the most important part of the brake fluid which has played a crucial role. So to timely inspection, timely replacement, to prevent accidents.

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