Window glass small details are important!

In general, the front and rear car windshield and window glass, is the most easily overlooked place in some photos of traffic accidents, some vehicle hit severe cases, indeed most of the windows intact, the firmness reassuring. Sometimes the car can be life in some neglect, is very likely to cause damage to the window, Why is this so? Because in general the impact object is received, the car is not a glass front, is not easily damaged. But when the object is hit, it is very susceptible to damage. Relatively speaking, both sides of the windshield glass before the car reliable than a little, and therefore in the sale of passenger cars, the front windshield safety glass is used, the advantages of this material is that even if the rupture occurs even crushed glass can still be keeping as a whole, scattered hurtful situation will not happen. If the glass paste on both sides of qualified explosion-proof membrane, then there is a certain effect. DETAILED said detail below.

Window glass damaged how to do?

Multi-window glass damaged stones and other hard objects to hit the window cracks caused by the initial point of these cracks appearing, can be repaired in a number of professional glass beauty shop, but this type of technology for crack repair area demanding, probably more than twelve centimeters broken area can not be repaired, only the selected replacement glass.

How to avoid damage to the window glass?

When driving, both the front and rear windshield or window glass on both sides, have the opportunity to be inadvertently damaged some of the objects, so we have to be more careful in the process of car. When the gravel road, the driver should reduce speed and the vehicle in front to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front to prevent foreign matter such as sand and gravel rolled hit the car. At the same time, when you want to avoid driving next to a large truck or vehicle easily scattered objects, large truck tire large object hit the car rolled glass is also common, scattered glass object vehicle hit the car is easy, should be avoided , in a safe situation in a timely manner to overtake.

In the car, in addition to the necessary objects should be kept on the center console without any items, small decorations placed in the center console and the interior mirror hanging ornaments, not only affects driving vision, it is also likely Emergency the inertia generated during braking, resulting in an object on the center console toward a front windshield rushed, if heavy or sharp object, then the front windscreen will be damaged, even if the back, is also noteworthy.

When parking, be sure to take with valuables or placed outside the car out of sight, so as not to draw attention to criminals, to avoid valuables stolen, damaged windows and loss. At the same time, stop time and should not be stopped under a tree branch falling and there is also a mess of objects may cause damage to the window. It is worth mentioning that the insect activity surrounding the tree and ultimately, ants and other insects when the car was coming, then thereafter there will be a small car full of insects appear, but also damaged the windows than sad, anyway, I would be personally experienced, that feeling, eternal life do not want to remember.

Then the film in the end there is no use of it?

Barrier effect film is mainly ultraviolet, blocking part of the heat, of course, also function to prevent the glass suddenly burst as a result of wounding case occurs, so that the vehicle security art film can to some extent in the event of broken glass, safety glass, there are certainly helpful, but it is not safe window safety lock.

Summary: daily life, traffic safety is important, but also did not forget the small details of the car, the window glass is equally important part, when the rear window glass cracks ignored, long-term use can lead to cracks increase, and finally completely broken, extremely affect driving safety. Proper maintenance travel is necessary, the window glass also can not be ignored.

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