Annual new car Notes

Every turn of the year, there are always new owner of the vehicle inspection (commonly known as "annual") and driving on the tangled issue of factual evidence, afraid to miss assurance, so they hurried to the Vehicle Administration to find a time line, but was told the wrong time; if the time is correct and rafts team, but when their turn, only to be told there is a fine not paid, can not be examined. The reason for this situation, because the new owners have yet to understand "examined" the meaning of time and attention, in the end can only be naught trip. On the "annual" problems still exist doubts friends, we might now take a look at this article to understand clearly.

vehicles examined: in the end at which time driving permit calculation of the annual date?

Many only know the new owner of the vehicle to be examined, but in the end do not know when the vehicle examined, even thought the vehicle "annual" is "the end/of the trial", or "year of the first instance." In fact, on the vehicle's driving license has marked the annual date of the vehicle.

On the annual cycle of the vehicle, "Road Traffic Safety Law Implementing Regulations," Article XVI made it clear that the inspection cycle different types of vehicles:

Before examined what items we need to pay attention to?

A friend of mine once had an awkward encounter when examined: In order to complete the vehicles examined as soon as possible, which examined the same day he deliberately leave, early in the morning to line up Vehicle Administration (Guangzhou was not implemented annual appointment system is still first come, first check). Finally turn his car into the test line, and the staff was told that there is a new occurrence of illegal vehicles not pay the fine, it can only be paid after the annual review. No way, a friend had to set aside waiting car team, go to line up to pay a fine, with great difficulty finishing line drive and then re-examined, the results could not be completed on the day of the annual project, can only take a day off and then continue to finish the process ......

When we examined the information submitted by the vehicle, driving license and deputy need to submit pages, copies of pay compulsory insurance, annual travel tax invoices year. Therefore, no luck Orthogonal boat tax, is certainly not to pass the examination.

Late have examined the consequences: an accident insurance does not pay!

Although the vehicles examined have prompted date on the vehicle registration deputy pages, but there is always the owner negligence, forget the annual time of the vehicle, resulting in annual overdue. Examined the consequences of overdue, because in addition to not providing vehicle inspection certificate was fined addition, there is insurance claims after an accident can cause disruption. So, owners and friends in time for the inspection must be valid for the vehicle inspection, do not delay.

Under normal circumstances, vehicles examined essentially carried out prior to inspection valid driving license, deputy of the brochure, in which case still within the insurance period, if the damage a vehicle accident occurs at this time (for example, appear in the annual venue of the vehicle such as the attrition ), the insurance also will be paid; however, if the vehicle has not exceeded the annual inspection time, and the accident took place, then the insurance company is entitled to refuse payment of.

driver's license should be "examined": permission to drive different cycle is not the same factual

In addition to the vehicle to be examined on time, our driver's license is also required "annual" - the main driver is the assurance of road traffic safety violations, traffic accidents, as well as physical condition circumstances. Driver's license permission to drive different, the assurance cycle is different, which requires us to pay more attention to the.

If more than the factual date driver's license, but did not factual, then the driver's license will be canceled, you will need to restore a driver's license holders to participate in the relevant examination, be reinstated after passing the exam, rather cumbersome.

cycle points: Do not mistake "by the end of scoring cleared" of the!

About the driver's license of scoring cycle, there are still many new owners mistakenly believe that the natural annual cycle points and the same every year-end will be "cleared the score." In fact, the scoring is not a natural cycle in years, but in each driver's initial licensing date for the calculation of the starting date, namely 12 months a scoring cycle.

Of course, the scores generated after violation, scoring at the end of a cycle that can be cleared, but must meet one condition: the score has not reached 12 points within one scoring cycle, and if the fines have been paid, the points only to be cleared automatically.

Summary: The vehicle and driver's license annual examination time, on motor vehicle license and driving license are clearly marked. These factual time is not difficult to remember, as owners, we should take the initiative to keep in mind is, or come up from time to time to see two documents, remind yourself. If the time for missing factual been fined or canceled driver's license, no memory of it only themselves to blame.