Why now some cars without fog lights function?

Some Internet users to ask me why background Many cars do not have front fog lights? Owners friends all know the role of fog is actually great, now no matter how high technology car headlights, fog lights halogen light source has been used, because of the low color temperature halogen lamps, penetrating power, and therefore open fog fog light is very necessary, our laws have expressly provided, you must turn on the fog weather visibility is less than the 200M, if the city of illegal use of a fog there may be 1 minute 50 yuan penalty.

Under international GB4758, front fog lights are not mandatory for factory-installed, but the rear fog lamp must be installed, so some of some low-end models will not be equipped with daytime running lights and front fog lamps, this is manufacturers for cost considerations, for example a car without front fog lamps fitted province 100 yuan, annual sales of 200,000 cars would save 20 million, a sum objective is income.

Audi is a common model, we will use it, for example, with low-A3, A4L (parameter | pictures) are equipped with front fog lamps, and high with the A7 (parameter | pictures), A8L (parameter | pictures) but is not equipped with front fog lamps , what is it? The more luxurious the more pull? Well, not that they are not because of cost considerations, in short, despite the elimination of two independent fog, but in a more advanced headlamps, fog lamps integrated into the headlights function to set reasonable, intelligent headlights replaces the fog will light.

Headlights integrated fog lamps will be relatively better, but due to high position in the fog with a separate fog lights are still some gaps, separate fog lights because of low installation height, it has a strong penetration, farther vision benefits .

So most cars is not canceled fog lights, accurate to say that the front fog lamps canceled, while high-end models not to say canceled, but integrated in the headlights in the integration.

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