Patch tire repair, tire repair mushroom nail, better tire which seals up?

Often walking in the street, they will be rolling tires.

You go tire repair shop, found a master craftsman cynical look at you: "? You have to make a little better or almost fill the" I know what good it almost?

"then so be it, you have to make or 20020's?" I know what the difference in where?

Today, I got all my tire puncture, the video shows a different tire repair way for you to see.

Patch tire repair, tire repair mushroom nail, better tire which seals up?1

tire patch method

now tire shop is provided primarily two kinds of tire: SMD and mushrooms nail puncture.

Let me patch tire repair method, some local dialect also called "cold patch."
patch Tire prices ranging from 40-80

wound size and price are the main, there is a patch of the brand itself has a relationship.

Tire patch Step

This way to make a tire puncture Pa down from the hub, and then grinding the inner wall of the tire tool breakage polished off a piece of the tire Floor.

After sanding also good with a scraper to scrape it, was to ensure that the patch can be affixed to prison, while maintaining the balance within the tire.

If you go to Tire, the master does not do anything directly "bia" look, like a Band-Aid as you posted up, refund, exchange shop, definitely do not fly.

screed blade, a layer of top coat is also required up vulcanizates, after drying the adhesive patch and the like paste, the paste after drying.

This patch soon after the stickers, ready to fill with a wheel tire pressure to flatten it, or easy to loose leak.

Patch tire repair, tire repair mushroom nail, better tire which seals up?2

after flattening, and touched his hand, he found the patch to be stronger than I expected, some of the hard, the feeling is still very tricky.

Next put a tire balancing to do, even if it is mended.

15 minutes throughout the procedure, this time is substantially skilled master.

good results but there is no secondary fracture risk, but only inside the tire patch to the damaged part to make up.
but from the outside, there is still a hole in the tire, rain or dirt, it is easy to go, a long time, there may be at risk of secondary rupture.

mushroom staple fill

I then tie a screw hole in the larger upper tire to try mushroom nail puncture.

Patch tire repair, tire repair mushroom nail, better tire which seals up?3

mushroom nail puncture RATES 80 ranging from 150 to

mushroom nail tire price a little expensive, about 80-150 dollars, and also the size of the wound, the patch has a brand relationship.

mushroom nail looks a bit like a thumbtack, round top, with a small strip long, in fact, an upgraded version of the patch.

The above round ass, in essence, is a patch Well, small strips are used to fill the hole in the tire is punctured, so the tires can be patched to the outside.

mushroom nail puncture step

and mushroom-butoxy puncture step in the placement of the same complement of the front tire: tire picking down, where the inner wall of the grind broken, scraped, coated vulcanized rubber.

is not the same on the next, he is the master tire with a metal facing drill holes above the tire from the inside out to stamp out.

This is to allow more uniform cross-section of the hole, to ensure that the strip can be nailed mushroom stamp into better.

vulcanizates when drying, directly to the metal of the tire to pull out the drill with a mushroom against the staple holes to set up.

and then out of a forceps to pull the tape outside of the tire to ensure that mushrooms can be firmly attached to the inner wall of the staple butt firmly tire.

Finally, flattened, cut off the excess tape, to be a dynamic balance, well, almost about 15 minutes.

strip Tire

Let us look strip for tire repair method.

Now this tire repair shop with less than a, there is no tool shop, we buy their own tools to demo it for you, a set of 20 dollars, really not that expensive.

operation is very simple: first place for the broken drill poke big tires, ensure that the strip can be stuffed into it.

and to the strip is attached to the drill socket above, coated with glue.

followed by drilling the socket strip inserted into the damaged areas along the back on.

strip very fast tire repair, to get 2 minutes, even without unloading the tire.

But this only as an emergency way, because then mended with tape, wound is relatively easy blistering, and strip off easily, "A pair of" what pops up, high-speed running is not very safe a.

Tire fluid

When it comes to emergency it, I was actually more recommended tire repair fluid.

Because the strip of tire repair tire damage is, after all, you have to put the original hole to expand it, and then give it before they can go into, right?

Tire was used up even simpler: let the tire pressure in the damaged areas ground, then rolled down so Tire fluid 2, connected to the valve, get.

Tire fluid it will automatically inflate the tire, while the liquid inside will repair damaged loopholes, very convenient, the girls have no problem, I recommend Tire fluid.

However, on the side of the tire tire repair fluid is no sure way of breakage, pay attention to this.

Then there is also the fire and fill method, also known as "heat up." But by most tire repair shops are eliminated, and family cars generally do not have access, which is much talked about.

new tires recommended mushrooms nails, old tires patch

In summary, if you can not move a tire puncture halfway, recommended tire repair fluid should an emergency.

If you can open to the tire repair shop, then use the patch or mushroom nail, you see the old and new tires.

Your tires opened 2,3 ten thousand kilometers, and had also not be long before almost kind of want to change, it would be cheaper to patch a good nourishing food.

If you are new tires, it is recommended that mushrooms nails, better, in fact, not much expensive money.

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