7 elements inside the tunnel safe driving, avoid traffic accident

Compared with the general section of the tunnel is the road traffic accidents, especially when the vehicle is traveling when the inlet and outlet. What needs to pay attention to the traffic in the tunnel there? Today, talk of common sense in the tunnel safe driving with you.

1. Before the tunnel turn-reduction

Tunnel usually has a significant speed limit signs to alert drivers to reduce speed before entering the tunnel. Turned in a tunnel near the traffic lights, not only to make themselves look at the road ahead, and let other vehicles aware of your existence, because most of the tunnel accident, are due to the driver to determine the location of other vehicles mistakes caused.

2. Do not Kaiyuan light

High beam blinding instant visual will make people more likely to appear dangerous, so avoid using high beam Crossing Road.

3. Do not change lanes

The main reason is accident-prone tunnel random change lanes. Under normal circumstances, the lane in the tunnel are based on single solid white line areas designated, it also means that in the tunnel does not allow changing lanes. But there are always some drivers in the tunnel pressure illegal lane change. This time, we need to regulate their own driving behavior, we must beware of these illegal vehicles.

4. Keep your distance, do not see the walls

After entering the tunnel, to shift our attention to the distant tunnels, instead of watching both sides, but also need to maintain proper spacing and the vehicle in front, to prevent rear-end accident!

5. overtaking parking, not free to

If there is a fault in the tunnel, as long as the vehicle can continue driving, drove out of the tunnel should as far as possible; when the vehicle can not be pulled out of the tunnel, the car must leave the vehicle quickly, trying to move the car special parking spots, turn on the hazard warning lights at the rear of the car 150 meters to peripherals warning signs and alert to the motorway management center through an emergency telephone.

6. No reference concern dashboard

Because people no relevant point of reference in the tunnel, and thus can cause visual error, not easy to feel the presence of the slope. Thus, when traveling in the tunnel, the vehicle speed is determined not intuitive, the driving speed must be confirmed by the speedometer.

7. After the exit tunnel fast speed

The same as when entering a tunnel, the tunnel due to the exit when the light changes, the eyes will still cause discomfort, it is necessary to adapt to slow in front, once the eyes adjust to the ambient light, the need to improve the speed, so as to avoid danger to the rear of the vehicle .

Reminder: in the tunnel road, remember to "slow" word at the head, while paying attention to the proper use of lighting.

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