Do not easily reverse command, be careful get into trouble!

He commanded reversing it?

Is not find it particularly simple

Damn! My God children!

Do not think reversing command

It is as simple as moving mouths

Command reversing this thing really is not anyone capable of ...

Improper command

There may even be life-threatening crash scratch!

Do not believe, you see

woman knocked reversing stations improper command

old son reversing himself brutally squeeze command

Readily a reverse search command

Found that many such similar accident ...

I never reversing command

After reading inhaled breath

So now

Quickly fill up classes together

How in the end the command reverse?

About station


1, do not stand on the track of the vehicle command

If you stand on the track of the vehicle, you are not sure whether the drivers can see you, and once the drivers make mistakes, you're in the line of death.

Best stations traveling direction is the front side of the vehicle or the rear side, so the driver can see you through the rearview mirror, you are not in the vehicle travel track range.

2, do not tap the body, not to ride in the car to go with the hand

A lot of people like draped command or patting the car to go, do so subtle changes in vehicle speed or direction are possible danger.

In addition, the reverse command do not stand in one place, move to multi-location, if necessary, change the angle to see whether or not passable, "whim" but easy scratching.

About Communication


1, both sides agreed to sign a program of understanding

Good gesture meant to say in advance, with the use of sound + gesture, helping drivers complete the parking operation.

2, night or not paying particular attention to the light

Pay special attention to the underground parking and night parking, blind spot and the driver's field of vision is very weak overall, and the first cars stopped before the communication command, far away from the guidance after promising to re-position, not to take his own life a joke.

Drivers with


1, lowering the car windows closed at any time with the music outside the vehicle tips to maintain communication

When the command of parking outside the car, lowered the window integrated language will be more tricky some tips.

2, reversing the slowdown has been on standby fundamental right foot on the brake

When reversing, be sure to take your time, do not be impatient Bigfoot throttle, or what command can not help you.

3, familiar with the parking sensor and reverse image of the police law

In addition to directing someone, we must make full use of auxiliary equipment, such as parking sensors and reverse image, double insurance.

Reversing and reversing command of all technical activities

Cumulative upgrade technology and experience required

Must not be sloppy

Favorite to be a good driver safety fly

Forward to help those who can not command a small partner reversing it!

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