Why not replace the car cigarette lighter socket is more convenient?

"Road Safety Act", the drive does not explicitly say not to smoke. But police he can change nothing, "hinder safe driving" as a reason to buckle 300 dollars, out of 2 penalty points. Shangguan Bo Shenzhen traffic police, every month see the relevant cases.

Obviously not smoke, why even have a car cigarette lighter it? You just engage in a more convenient outlet does not like it?

car cigarette lighter reason

First of all talk about how in the end to the cigarette lighter, ordinary lighter, flames can easily be blown off, and drove over there to shake, it is difficult to point the smoke, it is indeed affecting safety, cigarette lighter so it came into being.

"Automotive hundred years of history," it's got a record: In 1925, car lighters, cigarette lighter which is the predecessor, had already started in the car on top of the standard, and has now been almost 100 years.

Why can charge car cigarette lighter

Later, Los Angeles happened a "photochemical smog" A lot of people died because of breathing difficulties, we began to pay attention to environmental protection, and to resist smokes.

This allows the opportunity to become a vehicle cigarette lighter power connector, cigarette lighter because the battery is directly connected, to provide 12V, a current of about 10A.

Many electrical equipment and current input interface to change it, it is that you can use in the car.

Why not replace the car cigarette lighter socket is more convenient?1

later, even appeared cigarette socket contact curling rod.

lady sitting in a car on top of singing, but also a hot hair, what there will be.

Why not replace the cigarette lighter socket

cigarette socket easy to loose structure more robust, lighter have not been developed to replace the socket, there are many reasons, the main 4 aspect.

First, a cigarette lighter socket more stable, is not easy to loose, off.

China's cigarette lighter is no national standard size, but "Japan's cigarette lighter industry regulations" refer to the above words.

cigarette lighter plug shortest length 55mm, diameter of the insertion hole 19.3mm.

Why not replace the car cigarette lighter socket is more convenient?2

length ordinary domestic plug hole 2, a single pin is 16mm, width 6.4mm, thickness 1.5mm.

look at the volume and depth of insertion, is far more than the cigarette socket of the power plug, naturally, is more stable.

do not remember, is like building a house, I was not only digging to dig very deep, and the support column or thicker, harder.

You have to ground on two wood stuck in the ground, a wind blowing, a earthquake, you do not do it to collapse?

my five, each thicker than you, it almost meant.

still a lot of people who smoke

On the other hand, now is still a lot of people who smoke, the car's cigarette lighter people still want to use, there is no reason to manufacturers to remove the cigarette lighter.

The World Health Organization has statistics: in 2018 the global number of smokers 1.337 billion people, 17.6 percent of the world's population.

like China, Japan, Russia, per capita car ownership and population ranked in the top 20 countries, the proportion of smokers are actually more than 20?

cigarette lighter have formed their own ecological

In addition, current cigarette lighter interface is relatively widespread use of the so-called "eco-closed loop" is also out of it.

School of Economics and Management, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications has paper, "Formation Platform ecosystem value system and drive mechanism" above speak.

ecosystem is built from a common user value and standard platform made of eco-once formed, will form a complete closed-loop.

put it simply: You can think of on-board supplies, we are able to plug into the cigarette lighter socket inside.

like Bian Zhuo system, various manufacturers of mobile phones each other, the pass, that illogical.

But now we do not have a Type-C it? Type-C that everyone can use, which have little meaning inside the car cigarette lighter interface of.

manufacturers do not want

last point 4 additional cost, if the interface into the cigarette lighter socket will incur additional cost.

For example: large domestic appliance plug input voltage is usually 100V to 240V, the car battery to provide most of 12V DC only.

you want to use in the car, you have to engage in extra called "inverter" things, the 12V DC into high-pressure alternating current.

In addition, you should also consider the safety of the whole.

"Automotive Engineer" have papers, "vehicle development process research and development costs in engineering management and control" above say: every new parts of the development, will result in additional costs.

For manufacturers, not only the cost of one inverter, to buy something, the bin.

Do people want to buy things ah? You can put up to buy in the past? Do you want people ah? 2 people together, got into a fight, how to do? Shall we try to individual tube ah?

material costs, procurement costs, laboratory costs, logistics costs, and so is money.

Now that most of the cigarette lighter interface are also to meet the needs of manufacturers of course, the point is that the province.

you think about it, some of the main driving the car is automatic, 1 keys down, the other a few doors also hold it, which should save some money, not a penny of the cigarette lighter .

significance into the cigarette lighter socket is not

In general, why not replace the cigarette lighter socket, on the one hand, demand is not so large, on the other hand , manufacturers do not want to spend the extra costs.

In fact, whether or cigarette lighter socket, are relatively old technology, and they wanted to change, maybe directly into wireless charging, this may be the mainstream.

Rather manufacturers into the cigarette lighter socket, might as well develop a little more concrete wireless charging, easy to use and cheap things.

Now a lot of cars, there are indeed "wireless charging" is configured, mobile phones, watches can all be charged, and BMW may also charge for the car keys.

Even later, he opened the car parked in a place which can be wireless charged.

Insurance companies love to listen to the words of 6