AT gearbox really spike dual-clutch gearbox it?

compared to the dual-clutch, the advantages of AT gearbox is mainly three aspects: longer life, lower failure rate, cost cheaper.

AT gearbox really spike dual-clutch gearbox it?1

aT gearbox longer life

the main difference in the life of the power transmission member

is the first lifetime.

AT more durable than a dual clutch transmission, the dual clutch transmission and for AT, the internal structure is not the same.

are essentially gear set, a simple discussion of the material gear set, then, AT double-clutch gearbox and in fact almost all carbon steel, alloy steel, ductile iron and gray cast iron, etc., all life in 400000km above.

AT and the difference has dual clutch transmission, mainly: the power transmission member.

Before we talked about the video: AT gearbox is connected via a torque converter and the engine.

2 is like a fan facing the wind, the engine with a fan blowing, this wind to another, the other by the wind, and it has turned, so a meaning.

AT gearbox really spike dual-clutch gearbox it?2

then of course, there are no transmission of wind, blowing actually called transfer of power transmission oil.

Therefore, the torque converter are "non-rigid connection."

then for a dual clutch, it is connected through a dual-clutch module, and a similar manual transmission clutch.

AT gearbox really spike dual-clutch gearbox it?3

is to put two plates, it is not so in turn do? Turn when pressed together, a mill, then I followed them.

driven by frictional forces, that are "rigid connection."

do not mind, it simply: is to use a "blow" to "whistling"; another mill every day over there, "Cha Cha."

This is a bit like: AT gearbox is here to do moisturizing mask every day, a good skin; every day there is a dual-clutch rub in the face, a long time, face rubbing hot up, rub the skin is red, even to peel.

life difference is revealed here by a little bit.

dual clutch torque converter module longer life than

In contrast, the torque converter is indeed a longer life.

There are industry standards, "car with torque converter technology conditions QC / T 463-2010": before the first major overhaul of the torque converter, the mileage total mileage of not less than 120000km.

used judiciously, even more than 120000km, will also not very bad.

but for a dual clutch module, it is required to see the life of the clutch plate.

group which is mainly of asbestos, semi-metal, composite fibers, ceramic fibers and the like. Normal use, it can withstand about 275,000 times shifting separated binding.

hundreds of thousands of times it sounds like a lot, but stand up with faster, especially when the traffic jams.

Jiangsu University have statistics: domestic congested urban roads, almost 1km to shift nine times.

assumption is that such has been blocking the city stop and go, open 3,40000km, dual-clutch clutch plate really worn on the same subject.

Of course, when properly used, can not jam it all the time, real life longer.

If it is wet dual clutch with oil lubrication, and that the situation would be better, but almost no friction torque converter and compared, there are still gaps.

AT transmission more stable, low failure rate

AT transmission technology development longer and more mature

finished life, let's take a look at stability sex.

AT gearbox R & D history is much longer than the dual-clutch. As early as 1940, GM's Hydra-Matic models on a large scale using the AT gearbox.

relatively clever is that the dual-clutch gearbox also invented in 1940, but back a long time with no one.

has been over almost 40 years to 80 years time, was the Porsche 962 car used in the code above.

This is just like AT gearbox is a family heirloom, when the baby inside the home every day for research; dual-clutch just dug out of the antique, "ha ha" long nobody touched, a little ragged.

dual-clutch failure rate of family cars are high

AT gearbox has been evolving, technology is much more mature than the dual-clutch, the failure rate is also lower, even in tanks use.

For instance, in our country the MBT 99A, CH-1000 is a hydraulic mechanical transmission, which also has a torque converter and a planetary gear.

US M1 main battle tank, the Leopard 2, are similar scheme in Germany.

and then just said that compared with AT gearbox, dual-clutch not so durable, especially road congestion, combined with repeated overheating alarm, excessive wear, there are various faults.

car endoplasmic reticulum is a statistic: the entire 2019, gearbox complaints top 10 models in 7 models with a dual-clutch, money is only 1 AT gearbox.

lower cost transmission AT

together dual clutch module replacement is expensive

failures, life, the stability of such are spoken , then compared to the double-clutch gearbox there is an advantage of AT is: cheaper. "Ha ha."

and almost double clutch manual transmission, a friction clutch plate on the drive.

However, a manual transmission clutch plate is broken, a single transducer is possible; not a dual clutch, a dual clutch to clutch plate life, typically two to two, to change a set of assembly.

if the home computer motherboard is broken, there was a place is broken, you can not say that only for a single place, all want to change the entire motherboard, which is about the cost of expensive go up.

Volkswagen 7-speed dry DSG, dual-clutch module cost is probably about 9000 dollars, if we count the 4S shop profits and labor costs, over a million easy, once after the warranty period, these carry the cost of our own.

automatic transmission, used well, normal maintenance, a change of gearbox oil on it, no problem.

relatively "confident" BMW said: "I 8AT gearbox home 'maintenance-free'." Have been on this, right?

oil money to save cost

Fill difficult to change the dual-clutch module So, although the dual-clutch transmission is more fuel efficient than the AT, but the fuel savings in the total replacement of the double-clutch front costs into, not worth a mention.

Domestic 2018 Trumpchi GS4 For example, the same 1.5T engine, dual-clutch version: hundred kilometers 6.6L; AT gearbox versions: hundred kilometers is 7.2L. A difference of 0.6, AT gearbox is higher.

No. 92 gasoline now, I'm lazy, 7 dollars / L so to count, the gap 9000 dollars, need to run back to the car that ran 210000km 9000 dollars.

to this mileage is not the swapping of the two pairs of clutch assembly of the modules? This is not to say, right?

So long-term perspective, the less likely a bad AT gearbox cost is actually lower.

You have to open the dual-clutch, you should plan a cool rather than cheaper.

AT gearbox really spike dual-clutch gearbox it?4

in general, the less the pursuit of athletic performance, wanted peace of mind, save time, buy vegetables, AT gearbox is indeed better than dual-clutch is a better choice.

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