What is the reason people prefer automatic car is?

From the perspective of family cars, automatic transmission now has become a top student, labor-saving, fuel-efficient, worry very good.

manual transmission is marking time, people test 60 points when it 80 points, 85 people now, and it still is 80 points.

So many of my friends when buying a car, or will give priority to Automatic.

What is the reason people prefer automatic car is?1

automatic car prices can not be much more expensive

manual transmission prices, cheaper maintenance

some people do not buy a manual transmission killed the first one reason is: automatic much more expensive than manual transmission.

car with a manual transmission with automatic transmission is lower than a price of about 10,000 dollars.

new xuanyi, the same configuration, 109,000 manual transmission, automatic transmission 1190001000.

maintenance manual transmission is really cheap, self-priming Volkswagen Lavida, the items on the maintenance manual 1.6L to maintain, then, 60000km cycle: 3189 dollars manual transmission, automatic transmission 4196 dollars.

count the cost of repair three-piece, in fact, almost

But the inside of the manual transmission clutch three-piece: clutch disc, pressure plate, release bearing is wearing parts, even for older drivers, 100000km also almost want to change.

Many novice, poor technology, poor habits, even thousands of kilometers necessary to change the clutch plate.

The three-piece change them very troublesome, it is necessary to change the gearbox removed, work is very expensive.

is generally more than ten million family cars, set down, material, a work, or have in 1000.

What is the reason people prefer automatic car is?2

Well, just not together almost ? 1 3000, 4000, 1000 more here, not all 4000 Well!

manual transmission is not so fuel-efficient

And now there is no manual transmission advantages of fuel-efficient, not to mention a novice driver to drive to the words.

In general, cheap manual transmission, that is, when buying a car that a difference of 10,000 dollars already.

If you follow the car bought, opened six years to count, only the equivalent of 6 cents more expensive every day four, day two Chinese cut down on the line, not to mention smoking friends is not necessarily less expensive tobacco smoke .

traffic jam when the manual transmission really tired

The second reason: traffic jam when opening a manual transmission is really difficult subject.

frequent stop and go, tired legs, if no traffic jams, commuting walk on the high-speed, manual transmission open it up and there is no difference in the automatic transmission.

is the actual situation: frequent shifting, this stop and go, commonplace.

data: 50 major cities in the peak running speed is generally low, uniform does not exceed 27.23km / h.

almost the same speed and electric vehicles. A long time, tired I will not speak, the "unicorn leg" would be first out of practice.

Moreover, there are many novice master clutch engagement point is not good, it is possible to turn off the traffic lights, uphill to slip, this kind of thing will happen.

semi-linkage often hurt the car

The other is: traffic jams, the car for a long time to use semi-linkage, stop and go to the car can also cause injury.

have the paper "dry clutch semi-linkage slipping thermal load control" above say: frequent semi-linkage slipping will generate a lot of heat, the clutch plates to increased wear, resulting in clutch plates and the friction plates failure.

semi-linkage like you're riding a bicycle, you half holds the brakes kicking in there so awkward, right? You strenuous, but also hurt car.

is not only a clutch plate, clutch engagement control, separation of these components - will release bearing is damaged.

This is what it is to rely on a technique called industrial butter grease lubricated, butter and lard is about the same, really is heated for too long will burn off of.

long time in semi-linkage, such a practice, a friction clutch plate, and a large amount of heat, which melts butter, dilution, flow out, resulting in separation of the bearing in oil, lack of oil would be damaged.

do not mind too much, it hurt the car stop and go, but the automatic transmission will not be a problem.

Household manual transmission is also no fun to drive at all

Finally, household manual transmission actually can not give too much of our driving pleasure.

manual shift change and does not count as driving pleasure

manual transmission really let our own car when there is more a sense of participation, arbitrary, just right, more operational sense.

but there is also a lot of manual automatic mode, the shift lever can be used also, and even paddle shift.

"Auto Motor und Sport" journal above, there are papers, "fun to drive three criteria" above say: driving fun include: sports index, degree of control, the cost of these three aspects.

"Oh" as well as cost-effective. Simple explanation: sports index, that is the good performance of the car, drove up to control the degree is a good open, easy, anywhere, go wherever they want, easily controlled.

So strictly speaking, simply manually shift change, can not be counted as fun to drive, at most, counted as the driver a sense of participation.

Household manual transmission with a manual transmission and athletic big difference

What's more, the family car with a manual transmission in order to save costs, nor consider adding too much fun to drive, or It is standard.

Many of the components and the real fun of competitive compared with the manual transmission, a big difference to go.

For example, the clutch plate is competitive with ceramic fiber, has a higher strength and heat resistance, let you experience the extreme conditions, "Zhi Zhizhi creak" In the past there ,right?

What is the reason people prefer automatic car is?3

as well as the diaphragm spring is not the same, athletics the manual transmission with a clutch diaphragm spring which great hardness, higher pressing force is also provided.

shift when basically no semi-linked state, "hum" is gone in, very simply, shifting much faster than ordinary family cars above the manual gearbox.

It's a bit like a computer, home office, watch movies, integrated graphics on it.

What you want to play stand-alone masterpiece, it is necessary 2080ti, 9700k, water-cooled what kinds of things all have to set up, there is a very expensive display, in order to experience the real fun of this .

you with a variety of computer and monitor with the poor, or vice versa, all the money on the display, the machine does not work, of little significance, this is not fun to drive.

Automatic open up more effort and money

On the whole, people do not buy manual transmission, manual transmission because the home, it is actually just some sense of participation, fun to drive this thing still vary.

But overall not too much, but in the case of household, automatic nor as bad as we imagined, but also open up the effort and money is now basically done half.

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