Automotive automatic start-stop technology in the end, OK?

automatic start-stop technology is not useless, but for us personally, it really was not a good experience.

Automotive automatic start-stop technology in the end, OK?1

Many of my friends think this is really tasteless configuration, got the first thing is to turn off, it is more than the seat belt further cored.

automatic start-stop function for the individual almost nothing

with does MPG

Economic Commission for Europe to have a research data: European urban road conditions, a long idling parking time 28?f the total traffic; idling fuel consumption accounting for 17?

So developed an automatic start-stop function, can really fuel-efficient.

"Automotive technology" journal articles above have "start-stop system and control system applications." Mentioned above: start-stop system can reduce about 8?f consolidated operating conditions fuel consumption.

principle quite simple: it does not stop when you, the engine flameout Well, do not turn off when the fuel injection, it is not saved yet?

like everyone has to eat supper than a day, a little tight on hand recently, it could save meal meal Well!

do not eat supper, will save money down, people will not starve, do not delay the work, right?

but saved for a dedicated battery and oil almost

is the need to start and stop frequently, but a dedicated battery and starter.

or "start-stop system and control system applications," the paper which said: repeatedly start, is likely to cause overheating of the starter or the voltage is too low and so on.

Automotive automatic start-stop technology in the end, OK?2

would be more durable starter and battery, which means "money", "Oh" on!

Take the battery, the battery ordinary family cars good 3,400 dollars, battery 1200 starting with start and stop.

According to one year 20000km fuel consumption 8L/100km to count, open stop fuel saving of 8?a year down the province's oil 128L, is money, right?

So, how much battery it?

"Automotive Technology" journal have papers, "Based on the start-stop function AGM lead-acid battery performance simulation conditions" above say: start-stop battery life with the shortest is about 2 years.

So two years down the 1792 oil money to save money, then changed the battery, leaving less than 600 dollars, or a little province.

Automatic start and stop using them experience really bad

So, when buying a car equipped with this more expensive than the average car?

You see, we do not say this better, configured to send the car to buy, but it saved 600 dollars, but also with our bad experience change over.

Like if I wanted to save some money today, what move hands to wash my clothes, pants, bed sheets, blankets, large curtains, all wash your own hands.

count, saved 50 dollars, not to say, washing machine tap, in fact, I think it is very good experience, after all, I was tired all day, I can do some other things Well.

Moreover, the vast majority of car currently on the market, automatic start and stop of the actual experience is not perfect.

how this say? Car ER 2018 is on automatic start-stop complaints, down analysis, the proportion of complaints automatic start and stop the use of a new car within a year 72?

stop, start not stop, start stop it! Stop, can not restart, or that is a problem with the control program, start and stop for no reason, etc., are used affect our owners.

especially if you're driving too good over there, talk about a love, the edge of a girlfriend, "Well shocked" about the flame, his girlfriend said: You take this car is it? You car is not broken?

"Value Engineering" journal also above "the study car engine start-stop system," the paper said: Commitment is needed to trigger certain conditions.

For example: the vehicle speed to 0, like speed below 1200 rpm.

And precisely this simple logic, resulting in many not need to shut down when it died.

when the stop and go traffic jams, not just brake stop for a few seconds to go, slightly slower when they died.

did not step on the brakes in the end, ready to lift, but also "shocked Terrier Terrier shocked" about, "Terrier Terrier shocked shocked" about, all of a sudden back to liberation tractor, right? feeling bad.

American Society of Automotive Engineers SAE have statistics: the engine start-up time is about 0.5 seconds.

further, automatic start and stop there is noise when starting the very annoying.

American Society of Automotive Engineers SAE have a saying: the driver turns off the automatic start and stop the most important reason is the noise.

a bit like a large villa used to live in the suburbs, quietly, in the morning are the birds singing wake up, you do not have a place like this alarm clock.

suddenly inside the city is home to commercial, busy downstairs, snack stalls in the evening laughing and joking during the day "bit Baba."

"Oh," really not used to, want to rest when rest is not good, I also want to wake up wake up to.

So, automatic start and stop ourselves, the experience is not good, in addition to saving money, I think there is nothing much advantage, it is no wonder many drivers friends, got on to turn off this feature.

automatic start and stop play a great role

But for car prices for car prices, great use to send automatic start and stop.

because the state is required, by 2020, from 2015 6.9L/100km down to 5L, with an average annual decline of 6.2 percent.

other fuel-saving technologies may also need to take the time to study, but the automatic start and stop relatively easy to use, can be more than once, so we began to see more and more cars with automatic start and stop a.

Another is: emission requirements. All emission targets are more stringent, this rose very fast, automatic start and stop just above emissions can contribute.

or a preceding paper Mentioned above: Open automatic start and stop, to reduce emissions by 3?o 5?

Well, fuel-efficient, and save money, but also to reduce emissions, why not? You Renren it! right?

You Ren Ren experience is not good, I'm not up to standard, this car sold is not coming, probably such a meaning. State

Automatic start and stop the proper use

If your vehicle is automatic, as long as the car will not start, automatic start-stop system is in normal operation, when you encounter traffic lights or driving other reasons for parking, when the brakes, the general two seconds after the engine will automatically turn off; when you want to start again, simply release the brake pedal to the metal, or gently turn the steering wheel, this time the engine is started again.

If your vehicle is a manual transmission, unless you close it, otherwise the automatic start-stop system is also turned on by default. When we stop, the neutral gear, then pull handbrake, loose clutch, the system identifies the three actions, the engine will automatically shut down, then when the depression of the clutch when the engine is automatically started.

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