Ghost probe victims of the old car driver nearly doubled

Fear most is the driver and pedestrian accidents while driving, because he can not be measured with money, and even if duty-free cars are to blame, so sometimes also in order to avoid pedestrian collisions with other vehicles, "ghost probe "this word is to make a lot of older drivers after hearing very scared, because such an urgent matter can not be estimated, can not escape, and even make your own roll!

The so-called ghost car when the probe is straight or turn suddenly rushed out of people, so that drivers dodge, this situation can only driver suddenly hit the brakes or wheel. But these actions are likely to cause injury, even if lucky nothing will bring a cold sweat to the driver.

1, when the intersection is blocked by large trucks line of sight, then just do not comply with the pedestrian traffic lights, this situation must have encountered many drivers, due next bus or large truck blocking the line of sight, suddenly out of a pedestrian straight If not then speed quickly and slam the brakes, butt inevitable.

2, the face of the bus stop servant, passengers had to get off the bus from the front of the road, but also on some of the more narrow road, so be sure to encounter this situation through slow, prevent or pedestrians in front of a sudden out passing whistle.

3, narrow roads, crowded on the other side smooth side, this time will be very easy someone would cross the street, then you must not rush to refuel through, there is an old driver before just want to hurry through, suddenly sprang pedestrians old driver pursuit direction the result was almost overturned.

For pedestrians and vehicle traffic accident occurred, if a pedestrian no responsibility, full responsibility that the motor vehicle shall, if pedestrians have a responsibility, may be appropriate to reduce motor vehicle liability, in other words, even if it is the full responsibility of pedestrians, vehicles have to pay less than 10?f the liability, so the drivers are still slow down, observe the road conditions, traffic accident with a pedestrian try not to.

Mercedes-Benz out of control and then out the door unmanned event, ask you afraid of?