When the car need to add water

Do not add water to the spray can.

Plus tap water is not recommended, too many impurities in tap water, easy to plug the spout, easy to produce scale. Winter ice plus water easily, it will explode wiper kettle. Want to save, then you can add pure water in the summer, in the home water dispenser on the line, be sure to add antifreeze in winter wiper water, the freezing point of minus forty degrees.

Do not add water Oh. Add pure water will do, plus a few drops of washing fine on it, the winter can also add a little bit of alcohol antifreeze. Too much trouble to buy directly with the good.

Near the end, during a relatively dry period, than usual to reduce the chance of bacterial growth, the rainy season began far away from us. This season, the vehicle has a hundred percent will make people ignore the site, is suitable for our DIY Cleaning - wiper water tanks. Because people lack a basic understanding of the wiper water tank clean, therefore, to know people in their daily wiper water tank with water, but almost no one is aware of the need to clean it. It is no exaggeration to say that, inside a car, other parts of it are more or less been one of the few clean, only the wiper water tanks, as a part of the car most of the filth, the owner was completely forgotten.

Materials and costs

Tank cleaning products (two, a 5-dollar market price), a small bucket (about 5 million), a manual pumping device (5 yuan price, may be daily grocery store, or a rubber material selected plastic ball Ball material , which better) or an ordinary transparent plastic hose (which can be purchased at the grocery store daily, sufficient to select 2 meters, the price is about 1-2 million).

Cleaning the whole process

1, ready

Before DIY, first of all to ready the most important two things - water tank cleaning products with manual pumping device. There are many types of tank cleaning products, such as general finish wiper or the like, bulky, and difficult to grasp the concentration, coupled with high-containing basic, therefore, can select those product tablet form. The water tank is used to DIY cleaning products, for example, because it was tablet form, compared to similar products in the market, its portability will be higher, and 2-3 liters of water can dissolve it, just the equivalent of the wiper the capacity of the water tank.

As for the other hand a key component of the pumping device depending on the particular case of selecting whether to buy. If you buy a manual pumping device, efficiency will be higher, but if you can not buy this kind of manual pumping device, the use of a grocery store with an elongated transparent hose sale, can also play the same role. As for adding water to and from the wiper water tank with a small bucket, it is routine around everywhere. A full set of construction tools are ready, DIY process officially began operation of this.

2, Construction

The first step, find a relatively open space around the parked car. Turn off the heat, open the hood, find the location of the wiper water tank. Generally, a water tank in front of the wiper copilot position side, close to the water tank of the cooling water. Therefore, to remind you not to be confused with the wiper water tank cooling water tank. This can be an icon to identify the wiper from the wiper water of the lid surface. After the wiper water of the lid open, pay attention, do not let dust or foreign objects fall into the inside, otherwise it will be cleared very troublesome.

The second step will be a tablet form of tank cleaning product into the water inside the tank.

The third step is to pour a bucket of water through the wiper tank, wait for about 15 minutes, waiting for the tank cleaning product dissolves.

A fourth step, the wiper cover the radiator cap, the hood is closed, into the car to start the engine, then open switch usually glass cleaning water, so that water containing water tank cleaning wiper products with nozzles out. This step is to make the wiper water tanks inside the cleaned sewage washed away, so for as long as possible. However, if you want to tank all the water injection is completed, time will continue until more than 15 minutes, the owner can be determined according to their own schedule.

The fifth step, if in the previous step, the owner is to take all the water spray tank finished practice, this step can be ignored. If the patient is not the owner, not the water tank is completely cleaned away, then this may be performed steps: re-open the hood, the wiper tank cover opened, manually prepared and then pumped or a hose into an elongated inside, the inside of the wiper water sucked. If ordinary transparent hose, the water may be sucked out using the "siphon" principle. Specifically: the first hose full of water at the tap connection, then strapped on both sides, which prevent the flow out of the hose, until it is handy, it is only for the "relaxed." Note first use both hands to pinch both sides of the hose when it is inserted into a water tank inside, the other side of the hand clenched and released quickly, so that sucked out of the water onto the floor.

The sixth step, tap water was added to the wiper inside the tank, fill up so far.

Seventh step, and then placed in a water tank inside the water tank cleaning products to the wiper, the wiper can be used to water tank is used up. Each cleaned once, the "efficacy" generally can be maintained for three months or more, can remove the windshield above the daily grease, animal manure and juice, role play clean. In fact, the sixth step and the seventh step operating procedures can be interchanged without having to strictly distinguish priorities.

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