When can we use double flash

Double flash car lights is one we often use to, called the hazard lights. The main role is to alert other vehicles and pedestrians of the vehicle took place special circumstances, so that we avoid a timely manner. So, under what circumstances need to use double flash it? Now I will teach you to use double flashing lights.

1, when temporary parking

Temporary parking lot owners most often do, but also the most likely to ignore safety. In real life, many owners is the direct temporary parking to the edge of a stop, do not open the double flash also hold warning triangle. In fact, this is a very dangerous kind of behavior: do not open the double flash hard for the first time to find you another vehicle, when he found that you often have no time to put the brakes on. Therefore, the temporary parking must remember: be open in time "double flash."

2, vehicle malfunction or accident

Once a vehicle breakdown or accident, the vehicle is parked in the middle of the road either, or is slow shift car. If not on "double flash", coming behind the vehicle in front can not determine the condition of the vehicles, especially road vehicles under crowded conditions, it is apt to cause a chain traffic accident.

In addition, when this happens, the owner in addition to the double flash lights, but also set up in place about 200m behind the vehicle triangular reflector, made the warning on the back of the car to avoid rear-end accidents.

3, traction motor failure

Towing vehicle speed is slow, if the rear of the vehicle can not be seen in front of the tractor, mistaken in normal driving, it may be a long time is very smooth with the back and I do not know the road ahead, causing traffic jams, and may even rear-end collision.

4, the composition of the traffic police department to allow convoy when

Team open double flash I believe we have seen, the most common is marriage team, Cheyou activities. But accustomed to open double flash it is not right, nor allowed the traffic police department, this behavior is a typical fulfill itself, nausea others. Unless the traffic police department to allow convoy, otherwise not allowed to open the double flash.

5, when rain and fog weather

"Road Traffic Safety Law Implementing Regulations," Article 81 (b) clearly states: "motor vehicle on the highway, in case of fog, rain, snow, dust, hail and other low visibility less than 100 meters, the fog turned light beam lights, marker lamps, lamps anteroposterior and hazard lights, speed should not exceed 40km/h, the front vehicle with lane-keeping distance of 50 meters or more. "

Remember, though, rain and fog days open double flash but this is a legitimate, though irrational behavior. Because rain and fog days will not only open the double flash very harsh, affecting the back of the driver's line of sight, but also shields the bending light function (also quite a few models have steering priority function), so that the back of the vehicle before the vehicle can not distinguish between what is stationary, which is traveling, but increased security risk. So, if you do not meet these conditions Mentioned above, please do not open your double flash!


my country's relevant laws and regulations on the use of dual-flash has very strict requirements, so I hope that in addition to several situations mentioned above occurs, the owners of a friend must not be indiscriminate double flash in the process of moving.

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