Wash the car Remember this 4:00

Many owners will personally when they are free to do routine maintenance for the car, take the car wash, many owners on the part of the cleaning vehicle has accumulated a lot of experience, and some car wash owners to send its own style, but in the final analysis, both yourself car wash a lot of fun but also to avoid cutting corners washing line. The most basic car maintenance car wash when a lot of people think that wash on the line, not knowing that there is also a lot of knowledge.

Correct washing liquid should wash special washing liquid, and an aqueous washing liquid to the wax component is optimum. Professional washing liquid neutral PH value, will not erode the surface of the vehicle, such as water containing the wax component, one kind of body moisture to give more efficacy in maintenance while washing, even frequent washing, will not damage the paint, but the more wash the brighter.

Learning 1: fashion new washing method, with the professional car wash, gentrification, many owners are not satisfied with the ordinary car wash, further professional car wash was born.

Learning 2: whether the pre-wash program, the car is dirty, a lot of dust, sand attached to the vehicle body. If you come up with a Squirt Gun, I wipe with a sponge, pour into a car wash a car "playing Sharpei." Professional car wash should be increased a pre-wash program before the car wash. That the use of specialized equipment will be special pre-lotion spray to the vehicle body, and wait a minute or two after soaking, most of the sand and paint can out, then water washing, you can avoid the washing liquid, mud draw the risk of injury paint.

Learning 3: Select the washing liquid, washing with a washing liquid, the washing liquid must be selected properly, with very sensitive to strong alkaline washing detergent or soap powder, because although they strong detergency, but damage is also large, often washing them with, the body surface of the light will be eroded away quickly, and will accelerate the body rubber, tires, windows and the like aging.

4 learning: tools, equipment selections, car wash, car wash equipment should be division of labor, bear's paw used to wipe the body, long-haired brush wheels, tires wash sponge, not to be confused, and follow the top-down principle. Cleaning time, we must follow the principle of from the top down, with a soft towel to dry water-soaked body of the car, and with professional wet and dry vacuum cleaner into the compartment process.

A: fine washing, i.e. the washing liquid use different sperm washing according to different parts of the body, so as to achieve the most professional washing effect. For example, washing with a wash liquid of fine professional windscreen windshield, with professional tire retread tire polishing liquid, the cleaning liquid finishing washing the rim of the rim with a professional, the car wash with a professional finish leather lotions, and the like. Of course, such a charge higher than normal sperm washing washing method, however, the equivalent of a small cosmetic effect is still very attractive.

B: engine sperm washing, many people do not pay attention to cleaning and maintenance of the engine. I think the engine compartment wash does not wash does not matter. In fact, this view is wrong, from another angle, why the bottom of the engine compartment has a luxury car guard can prevent sediment entering the cabin, everyone will understand.

As the saying goes, car maintenance well or not, take a look at the engine will know. In order for the heart of the good work of the car, professional cleaning is necessary. Be sure to clean the engine to the professional automotive beauty shop. Before cleaning various important joints must be wrapped with a film, and then washed with detergent-by-site professional, then rinse dry, can not be directly flushed with high pressure water, and finally the application of various cabin rubber protecting agent various rubber coating protected considered completed. Add to these, other issues such as whether the construction site chassis wash equipment, how the quality of appearance construction workers, management is standard, the speed is appropriate, and so on, should pay attention to is the car wash.

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