Some traps when the car

In the past year, AutoTalkShow be exposed to all sorts of negative example of the pit, thus, could not resist, Revival, dormant for a year, has finally decided to become a return to "undercover", here editor for everyone brings together over the past year expose some plausible but which contains a variety of water trading.

The first point: Fudge customers choose models

They want to have to do your homework first to buy a car, do not hastily ran 4S shop, not to mention sales consultants will help you to popularity of car knowledge, it will mercilessly kill you a fortune. To know how to skillfully deal with sales consultant, click on the picture to see some of the suggestions it. (Click on the picture to view the article, the same below)

The second point: the so-called "all risks"

All risks all risks, it should be the most listened to a word, but which actually contain what insurance do you really know? Do not be fooled by sales, then surgery, be sure to ask clearly! ! ! Do not be sold with the nose ring pulled away.

The third point: bargain and contract

Must understand when talking about the price of concessions is clear which part, as well as sales consultants do not believe verbal promises, what gifts, loans and insurance details of insurance and so on must be indicated on the contract, and the contract is triple, to be in the above is considered to be under seal 4S valid contract. Click on the picture below to enter the relevant article about what kind of a statement.

The fourth point: vehicle inspection

Of course, the next set of car you actually get with the car could be different, for example, ordered a high-allocation model, but in fact mention when the car is low with the car or with the car about, or in models are not the same! ! ! Some 4S shop is trying to clean up the stock car, what is the "pit father" law? Click the image below to see it.

Warmth remind: have to stare at every aspect of the car when the little errors will not pay attention.

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