Use headlights

Car headlights are eyes, diverse types of lights, different lights to use are not the same, take a look at the lights use.

Use headlights

1, running lights: Indicates the position size

Light of the first gear switch, then the car instrument lights are lit, the lighting will be two front and rear small lights. This little two lamps brightness, mainly to allow the four corners of the body can be seen. Usually in the darkening sky, rain or dark place in underground parking lots should be illuminated running lights.

2, high beam: suitable for wilderness

In the wilderness or no street lighting for road use high beams, but the car should be in exchange for low beam to avoid dazzling the driver opposite. When high beam lights, car dashboard lights up striking blue lights as a reminder.

3, fog lights: bad weather helper

As the name suggests, fog lights signal is used in heavy fog in rain, fog penetration in the fog stronger, and therefore make it easier for vehicles and pedestrians early notice.

4, nocturnal lighting: far-sight

Commonly known as "headlamps" headlamps is the "heart" part is for the whole headlight. Rational use of car headlights should be done will become low beam, promptly after the car will change back to high beam, with far-sight, line of sight to make up for the car will cause unclear. And passing through the intersection should be converted to prompt the distance light.

5, vehicle license plate lamp: lighting the license plate

The main role is to illuminate the license plate, so that people identify vehicle license plates in the dark.

6, the low beam light: night substantially relied

When driving at night downtown. On the one hand the city's roads have street lighting, no high beam searchlight to the road far, only to see the front of the car to road conditions; on the other hand large urban road traffic, high beam, then not only will cause the car drivers across the dazzling, but the line of sight of the road on both sides of the pedestrian is also affected.

7, turn signal: a steering remember to use it

The most basic use of the turn signal is given to other vehicles and passers-by turn signals when the vehicle turns, to alert others to pay attention. Sometimes turn signals also serve as a lighting effect in a narrow place, so that a driver can see both sides of the obstacle. Both sides of the turn signal when turned on simultaneously served as a warning.

8, reversing lamp: reversing reduce blind spots

Rear when reversing reversing light will be white lights, one can illuminate the rear of the road, obstacles, reduce blind spots when reversing, on the other hand is a reminder of the rear pedestrians.

9, the clearance lamp Night: display the vehicle width and length

Commonly known as "small light", this light is used to display the width and length of the vehicle at night. When the driver usually perform routine maintenance should always check, some drivers can not afford to think small lamp lighting effect, it is not enough attention, which is very wrong.

Precautions driving at night