Precautions driving at night

Many drivers to travel by car at night has some concerns, because the limited sight distance at night, traffic in the city is still relatively good judgment, if the drive to a field trip, the night the most important thing is to keep a clear head, to be able to deal with emergencies Happening.

City driving: Do not drive high beam

In city driving should be noted that the distinction between the high beam, high beam is used for the suburbs in the wilderness. Further, in the alley, there is a time over a pedestrian or cyclist, the best off headlights, small enough light to see the road.

If no oncoming vehicles to switch to low beam, should immediately slow down and away with the conversion, way low beam to indicate the other. If the other party still does not change, you can not see the front side feel the glare of the road, slow down or even stop altogether on the spot, a little wait, no need to pique use with high beam on the radio.

In addition, although a good urban road lighting equipment, or else do not turn on the lights, car headlights are not only functional lighting, more important is to let others see you.

Road driving: learn to judge the road conditions

On the day of class, plus the car at night, prone to visual fatigue, in order to determine the difficulty of the road and traffic increase, prone to traffic accidents. Therefore, driving at night to learn to use a variety of methods to be judged on the road, especially in the field driving. For example, in the moonless night, the road is generally gray black pavement outside is black; there are puddles or potholes premises will be darker. Therefore, the general summed up the old drivers driving at night essentials is "not go away Gray black."

On the winding road, if you see the mountain in the dark, the light beam in front of you here have flash flash, indicating that there is a car coming the opposite, then you should watch yourself in front of the road, look at the width enough, do ahead of time ideas and practical car will be ready. The sound of the engine, the road can be determined. For example, the normal driving, when the engine suddenly feel the sound becomes dull, indicating increased driving resistance, is the line on the car may uphill or loose surfaces; if you feel engine sound becomes light, indicating that resistance decreases driving, the car is traveling at some possible downhill.

Long-distance driving: keep a clear head

If you are driving long distances, especially in a person driving at night, it is relatively tedious, easily fatigued, many people tend to fall asleep and let the steering wheel deviation, cause traffic accidents. Therefore, long-distance driving must keep a clear head, to avoid driver fatigue. If you open tired out, she stopped the car for a walk, let the brain rest for a while, sober look. If there are companions around, have a partner as much as possible to talk to.

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