This can lead to bad habits by car is not a small loss

Currently on the market most of the models are equipped with power mirrors, power mirrors some automatic recovery when stopping, preventing the probability of occurrence of the back rub. There need to stop the latter part electric mirrors fold manual control, some owners turn off after closing forget by folding mirrors, breaking back with bare hands. So once or twice probably will not have any effect, a long time part of the program transmission power mirrors disorder will occur. Here we take a look at the principle of electric rearview mirror!

Electric mirrors common control transmission parts by clicking ratchet mechanism, after the controller input instructions required by driving the motor controlled by the folding gear limit, in order to ensure stability in the position of mirror driving state, greater resistance to rotation of the motor, and the resistance is amplified by a gear mechanism.

If brute force breaking hand mirror parking result, the reaction torque generated by the motor is not energized in the case, the influence of the output signal of the position sensor click when the next input signal continues to use a motor, the motor will cause the stop means under the influence of overload, eventually leading to motor damage

In fact, power mirrors are easy to bad, difficult to repair products, motor replacement is usually difficult to repair and updating.

Consumers generally believe that electric mirrors maintenance appears to be very simple, but it's not, and now they use a highly integrated rearview mirror panels in the control and drive mechanism, except for a few luxury car also features separate motor and a control circuit board ease of maintenance, we car everyday household electric mirrors event of damage is difficult to repair.

Maintenance of the master 4S shops are in accordance with working hours to charge, repair rear-view mirror is a very time-consuming and cost of living, it is very worthwhile to take the new majority 4S shops are directly replaced, usually after an ordinary electric in around 2000, the insurance company is not compensable, and even if the chances for a new also is a deputy plant parts, and up there with the original car color!

So in the future when we stop if we really forget to turn off the rear-view mirror, do not go adjusted manually by hand, but also try to avoid casually parked in the street, after all, the rearview mirror is not cheap to repair.

Many owners do not know somehow be illegal