Many owners do not know somehow be illegal

This violation has 70,000 drivers were fine points! Alarming

What is illegal? Not that we have not encountered before does not exist, and sometimes even a little turning behavior are likely to touch on illegal! Some owners be penalized when it comes to look at a loss, so inevitably illegal again.

Today we'll talk about a little forward of thousands of people caused by the violation.

When the junction turn, how would you turn?

At present, some cities have started the electronic monitoring Big Bend small turn of capture, there have been tens of thousands of car owners are shot!

According to "Road Traffic Safety Law Implementing Regulations," Article 51 states:

There are vehicles through an intersection controlled by traffic lights, shall pass in accordance with the following provisions: When you turn left, crossing the center point on the left turn. Otherwise, they will be punished in mind two points, a fine of 100 yuan.

Some users said they did not understand: "The more and more small big shout considered small??" On so many years how suddenly the car will not even turn up

"Big bend turn a small" press the double yellow lines, referred to total 5 points

Intersection turn small bend, easy to press the double yellow line is photographed electronic camera will mistakenly believe that retrograde! Then you violated the two violations, 5 400 points!

So what is the harm?

Easily lead to accidents. We all know that to make a turn straight, but because the moment grab the line was hit by an oncoming vehicle, turning the vehicle should bear full responsibility.

2017 real road accident, because the driver to turn a small bend over backward to the opposite lane caused by the normal passage of pedestrians seriously injured.

That is how turn right?

After the square lights light up, the vehicle should turn left to the intersection with the center of the shop on the left corner, you can not just leave or not to leave the parking line began to turn, simply put, it is a crosswalk over to the center point of the road sub, while not affecting under the premise of the vehicle through the left straight

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