There are a lot of harm to drive slower

Whether we are by car or bus, always encounter some slow drivers driver, then truck drivers honk or flash drive urging you to hurry. Then someone said: drove slowly security. But others say: 90?f accidents are caused by speeding. In the end Who is correct? Actually drive fast and slow to be determined according to road conditions, the fast unhappy, it will affect the passage of other vehicles, and even provoke accidents.

What people slow drivers?

First, the people who drive distracted

When you drive over the slow drivers in front of a moving vehicle, you will find that the driver is on the phone or set the navigation system, your heart will certainly be Wohuo, hope policeman appeared promptly clean up obstacles.

Second, the drivers are not familiar with the road

When some drivers or motorists to drive people out of work, some of the road are not familiar with, usually at some signs reduce speed or bypass port for easy viewing information signs, and even some drivers slow drivers in the middle of the road, the road to view the information around, such behavior is very dangerous.

Third, the novice just the road

Beginners climbing is the most common. Because just driving down the road hard not to feel nervous, unaware of driving traffic to follow, they will reduce the speed in order to ensure the safety of driving, in fact, it is easy to hamper the normal passage of other vehicles.

Slow drivers What harm in the end there?

First, drove slowly also violations

If you slow drivers traveling in the slow lane outside, few people say that, but if you slow drivers occupy the fast lane, do not say "road rage driver" to AIDS, even people who can not stand driving rules. Slow drivers in some cases (such as: high-speed road) is a serious violations.

Second, regardless of where the accident prone to slow drivers

Slow drivers with better road conditions in the main road or highway is very dangerous. Slow affect other fast-moving vehicles, if the slow drivers traveling on the main lane or the overtaking lane, very easy to hit the fast-moving vehicle, rear-end accident.

Third, the long-term slow driving on petrol and hurt car

Long-term open idle, the engine speed is not the best working conditions, lack of inertia of the vehicle, the fuel injection work in the state for a long time, fuel consumption will rise.

Summary: slow drivers safe driving does not mean that we should be timely according to road conditions to select a slow drivers or speeding, so as to achieve safe driving.

Remember a long drive before starting the self-test