Remember a long drive before starting the self-test

Now is a good time you travel by car, while driving but can not be taken lightly. Here we give talk about before traveling by car, several checks on the car of your own can be done.

1. Check the whole tire

First, check the tires to see the appearance of the tire is flat, with or without visible injuries, or damage to the drum kit inside the tire cord, if found please replace the tires is not recommended on high speed, there is the risk of a puncture.

Large stones embedded in the tire tread also recommended singled out, reducing the risk of road traffic as much as possible.

After checking the surface when the tire, it is necessary to check the interior of the case, and now have many models with tire pressure monitoring system, the dashboard can get information about the current value of the tire pressure. Of course, if the vehicle is not equipped with tire pressure detectors, X can go to buy a treasure, not expensive.

Vendors will set the standard tire pressure according to the body weight of each car, ride height and other factors, you can B-pillar cab doors, fuel tank cap and manual, to find information on the vehicle nameplate, the actual tire pressure control in the standard tire pressure difference of less than 0.2bar can.

2. The internal engine inspection

Not here to examine in detail the various components of the engine is in good condition, only you need to check the place looks could reach the line.

First, we need to see whether sufficient glass of water, after all, is to go out driving, Zhibuding have any dirt on the windshield, ample glass of water is very important.

Second to look at the adequacy of antifreeze, after all, already in October autumn, the temperature in many parts of the country has begun to decline, to replace the lost old antifreeze is necessary.

Third observe the engine oil line, I am sure you change the oil in time the owner has a good habit, but still use the pre-inspection and timely replacement.

Check the battery of the fourth car. Test equipment can be used, if the index pointer does not move less than 9V, and a certain value, it means that the battery state is in deficit point, there is a kind observation, such as found in the headlights turn off quickly go dark, that is loss of electrical performance. It should be replaced. We do not want to play happen "Lost on Journey" is.

The final step is within the engine compartment to keep relatively clean, and many bodies of fallen leaves or insects to be cleared up before running, or very prone to corrosion and the internal power supply of the original cabin parts.

3. Check lights, fog lights, wiper

Traveling by car will inevitably burn the midnight oil, usually traveling in their own familiar roads, insufficient brightness of the headlights will not much affect your normal driving, but traveling by car in an unfamiliar road, a pair of "bright eyes" can light up the eyes for you way.

Can cleaning stains on the windshield wiper blade is a standard detector. Before and after the preceding vehicle should be checked whether a three wiper impurities or small stones, which may scratch the glass as the initiator.

4. Check the spare tire, warning signs, tire changing tool

Warning signs is essential goods, should the accident occurred on the highway, place it at a distance of 50 meters -100 meters after the car, and occupants quickly enter the buffer zone to protect themselves and others easy.

Car jack and tools to change tires but also with its, which is after the accident can be self-help tools, of course, should the accident, please call the police for help call for help.

There is no spare tire, or the use of run-flat tires friends, if a puncture occurs should quickly pull over and wait for rescue.

to sum up

These are the tips before traveling by car, please note that check. In fact, we checked the time these projects will cost a total of 5 minutes, and these items are consumables, to the number of years it should be replaced to avoid greater losses, okay! They check their own car ready to begin their own journey now!

Take the car battery tool